3D printing technology brings hidden business opportunities

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3D printing sounds like a very high-end vocabulary, but in fact it is not far away from our lives, many areas have begun to use 3D printing technology. And it was one step ahead, see the 3D print hidden opportunities.

The most intuitive distinction for

with the traditional printing technology: the use of ink is different. Using 3D printing ink is such as powdered metal or plastic can be laminated, to construct the object layer by layer by way of printing.


3D printing advantages: complex manufacturing items do not increase cost, the parts one-time molding, no assembly, print on demand, reduce the cost of logistics, design unlimited space, zero skill manufacturing, space, portable manufacturing, reduce waste products, accurate solid copy.

At present, many areas of

Second, equipment price is very close to the people. From Cobo learned that 3D printing equipment sells from thousands of dollars to millions of dollars are mainstream devices priced at 10 thousand – 30 thousand yuan, investors can afford the grassroots.

third supplies, the price is not expensive. There have been many projects, although a one-time investment in equipment is very small, but the latter needs of supplies is very expensive, leading to small investors hard to get started. In this regard, the reporter specifically investigated the 3D printing supplies. At present, the most common supplies are paraffin, resin, etc., the price is around 10 thousand yuan / ton, not expensive.

Fourth, the purchase of equipment is very convenient. Now investors buy 3D printing equipment is very convenient, the domestic supply of not less than one thousand, has increased more than ten times more than in 2012.

fifth, people can afford to consume. The project is good, but to recommend

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