Food and beverage industry investment can make a good project

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with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, people’s demand for food is also increasingly demanding. On the market, many brands of food, want to choose a delicious and healthy, consumers need careful consideration. Today, the food and beverage industry, the consumer favorite brand of food is – amazing Kung Fu duck.

Hyun Kung Fu Long duck delicatessen, rely on the ancestral ancient millennium, make a delicious and healthy popular delicacy, is a good choice to join the deli. Hyun Kung Fu Long duck delicatessen is in the study of food Chinese, China Gourmet Club, founded to help Chinese folk dishes under the development research center. A long time since the start of the duck Deli since the start, has been in Beijing, Shanghai, Changsha and other large and medium-sized cities to develop more than and 500 franchise stores, there are only more than and 100 in Beijing.

and baked, fried chicken and duck products: original Roast Chicken Roast Chicken, black pepper, spicy, cumin, rose Roast Chicken Roast Chicken Roast Chicken, Thai curry flavor, onion, gold Roast Chicken Roast Chicken Roast Chicken, Spicy Duck in SiChuan Style, Maotai Roasted Duck etc.. Cooked food shop joined Hyun Kung Fu duck for a long time, only the customer can not think, no customers can not buy, and strive to meet the needs of all customers.


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