Chen Guoxing chief operating officer of the joy of heart movement

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sometimes because of an inspiration will start their own entrepreneurial journey, Wyatt ran chief operating officer Chen Guoxing told him about his entrepreneurial history, let us learn from it!

33 year old Chen Guoxing is a native of Wuhan, speaking competence, Yan value is high, "take 1 million investment, investors also boast that we face." He said jokingly.

For example,

"walk this way may not be the shortest distance, but reaching success." Chen Guoxing said.

"FancyKey" is to do so. As an input method, it is one of dozens of mobile phone applications, but it is essential to a. Nevertheless, FancyKey is only a small number of young users to meet the needs of the group, the next thing to do is to achieve rapid iteration based on customer feedback.

input method based on the success of products, Wyatt enchanted next plans to launch around the personalized Fancy series tool matrix, build user system of its own, as China Mobile Internet companies to recommend

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