How to be able to plan a good lighting shop promotions

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if you want a better business lighting shop, carry out promotional activities will be very necessary. However, for the current number of operators, in the end how to carry out such activities, but it is still a very big problem. So, how can we plan a good lighting shop promotions? Let Xiaobian for your simple analysis.

promotion atmosphere layout. Lighting industry to building materials industry in the promotion of learning atmosphere layout input, posters, leaflets, X display and other means of promotional props store can take more attention;

promotion frequency control. Many bosses think that promotion is lighting shop a thankless task, because the promotion is to reduce their profits in exchange for market promotion, if too frequent, reduce their own brand quality will not conducive to the spread of the brand, so promotion not too frequent. Weekend promotion can not only improve the sales staff’s passion for fighting, but also in the time of the maximum flow of time to attract customers.

promotional gimmick is critical. Major national holidays can be used as a promotional gimmick, lighting stores ordinary weekend promotional activities in a certain area, the old group purchase customer daxiehui etc.gimmick. Gimmick is not a purpose, is a means of bargaining. Customers do not like cheap products, but like "cheap"".

The choice of

promotion. Lighting shop promotion is best to "price promotion" and "moving service" combination. The main way is to discount the price promotion, can satisfy the customer to the cheap products demand; additional benefits after the transaction is moved further service, can let the customer feel "bargain", so happy.

follow up after sales promotion. The use of promotional activities do not sell the lights of the intention of customer data, to develop the next phase of promotional strategies. Once a week, a small promotional activities every month, a mid sized promotional activities, a quarterly event, has been traced to the intention of customers to buy all.

is a promotional activities, such activities will not have the effect, not after the end of the day can be seen, naturally also need to have a better plan, this will make promotion really play a role, the lighting shops operating with better help from further let managers create greater wealth.

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