Network youth growth plan officially launched

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nearly two years of development of the Internet has spawned a large number of start-up companies, the emergence of a number of leading figures, to bring a great incentive for young entrepreneurs. Now more young people to join the ranks of the Internet entrepreneurs to carry out the new situation of the new entrepreneurial journey.

12 9, sponsored by the national Internet Information Office of the Network Social Work Bureau, Xinhua hosted network youth growth plan officially launched. National Network letter office network social work bureau, Xinhua responsible comrades attended the launching ceremony and delivered a speech, together for the youth of the Internet industry to open innovation and entrepreneurship, growth and talent journey. On the same day, "one of the key projects planned green coffee" in all media broadcasting center, 3W coffee founder, pull hook network founder and chairman Xu Dandan as the first speaker, around the "entrepreneurial outlet where the theme of a speech, and with a number of Internet and rookie site guests launched a series of exciting interactive.

"network world youth growth plan" by the national network information office network sponsored by the Bureau of social work, hosted, designed for the Internet industry youth groups help to grow a series of activities. The plan aims to gather network community youth, build a set of services, communication as one of the online community, explore the Internet leader of the group, highlighting the great value of network world youth. "Black coffee" as an original character lecture program of the project, will continue to invite young Internet industry generally recognized by the elite, youth cutting-edge, through the line of speech and personality on-site interaction, sharing their thoughts and exploration, with new thinking, new words and new life style inspired the young generation.

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