Beauty salon transfer preparatory work to do

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beauty is every woman’s nature, for the beauty they always pay a lot of time and effort, they become more beauty salon is frequented by local, now ready to take over the beauty salon compared to their first open a salon, is relatively simple and easy. But the beauty is not so easy to transfer, and then took over the contract both sides do not Everything will be fine., of which there are many trivial problems, if not handled properly, could finish both cause unnecessary trouble. Here and we talk about the preparatory work of the transfer of beauty salons.

is seeing is believing. To understand the specific information of the beauty salon, the best way is to personally go to the store, a good feeling. Can not only observe the operation of the original store, but also to the beauty of the value of the objective assessment. On this basis, must be transferred to the beauty salon detailed communication, including:

Business license

transferor is valid business license and personal information, check whether the original beauty salon is legally valid? Contains information that is entirely the case? The information can go to the local business sector inquiry. Of course, even if the information is true, it does not mean you can relax vigilance. On the issue of money, the top side must be carefully considered, to clear the stakes, and then make a decision.

beauty salon prior to the transfer, whether the debt

carefully investigation of the original beauty of the operating conditions, investigate whether there is a debt? Beauty salon after the transfer of debts, who will bear the responsibility? How to dispose of the debts of the former beauty salons, should be written in the contract of transfer, this is the most sensible.

original member transfer problem

this is a key step in the success of the business day after the beauty salon. Therefore, in the beauty salon before the transfer, it is necessary to know the original members of the basic information, especially in the hands of the membership card balance. If it is transferred, together with the store so that membership card balance is offset by price transfer fee? Or take other reasonable measures? Similarly, the solution to the beauty salon transfer contract.

original beauty salon staff management issues

beauty salon staff salaries have settled? As a force in the beauty salon business sales, appropriate employees to actively seek and retain them.

if not personally create a store, but also can be transferred to other stores, but the process is relatively trouble, I hope everyone in the reading of these open beauty transfer preparatory work, is not feel over the original beauty salon and see light suddenly, so many problems to think ah, we should not be afraid of trouble, treatment one of these problems can be recommended

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