Gansu Longnan use nternet plus let more agricultural products go out

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the arrival of the Internet not only provides convenience for consumers shopping and selling products, provides a good platform for the majority of farmers. Cheng Qinying is Gansu City, Wudu province Guo River village into the village of big pepper, since 2014 to embark on the electricity supplier sales path, life has undergone tremendous changes. College-graduate village official Dang Xudong to reporters calculations, a kotohide family used to buy or on the market to sell, sell more than 50 yuan, a pound of pepper, but online sales can be sold for 70 yuan, excluding freight, also can earn a lot of money.

as a result of the deep mountains, traffic inconvenience, high-quality agricultural products can not go out, can not sell a good price, Longnan has thus become one of the main battlefield of Gansu and even the country out of poverty.

Dang Xudong is the first to participate in e-commerce training college student village official, open shop selling local specialty agricultural products is his entrepreneurial dream. January 2014, his shop on the line in Taobao, mainly selling pepper, olive oil, honey and other soil characteristics of agricultural products in Longnan, only in 2015, sales of more than 200 thousand yuan.

The development of

e-commerce has greatly stimulated the enthusiasm of farmers, but also attracted a large number of young people to return home to start their own business, college graduates, college graduates to become the main force to promote the development of rural e-commerce.

as the poverty areas of Northwest China, Longnan electricity supplier development also cannot do without the support of the government, the Longnan municipal government to the implementation of e-commerce breakthrough "as an important strategic task of poverty alleviation, increase the fiscal and financial support, step by step to build Electricity Association 327, actively promote the impoverished village" a shop with households "a shop with a" village "a shop with multi village" development mode, the mobilization of cadres of villages and towns, college-graduate village official to help guide the poor households, not employment of college students, entrepreneurship, young people with disabilities to open shop, "net", learning network, net has become a local fashion.

is worth learning, with the help of Longnan city Taobao, Jingdong and other electronic business platform, to build a rural market "" village play "and other characteristics of the platform, and built a" special Chinese · Longnan Museum "," double "Longnan electric incubator business carrier, take government subsidies and other means of development of logistics industry in more than and 200 home, courier service station 800, the village postal station more than 1 thousand and 200, with 2690 certified government, micro-blog 561, WeChat 193 e-government platform website and many micro-blog, WeChat personal micro media matrix composition".


," shouted in unison. Together, the micro media matrix "put on the space into numerous hills and streams in the network to close at hand, located in a remote area of Longnan is no longer the edge." Longnan municipal Party committee secretary Sun Xuetao said.


electronic commerce to allow long Jian

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