Pan Shiyi talk about why Entrepreneurship

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you see how many people are talking about starting a business, but do you know why they want to start a business? If you want to go this way, do you really understand the motivation and the pursuit of your own business?

1 20 April, sponsored by Yu Minhong’s good fortune Street No. 0 and enterprise server, "started" entrepreneurial qualities in year two at Guanghua Road, SOHO3Q. SOHO China Chairman Pan Shiyi at the scene made a keynote speech.

the following is Pan Shiyi speech:

What is

this problem? Is that we want to answer why we start, actually this problem can ask different method, we have to ask why we read in the reading time, when we built our house to ask why we build a house, when we have to ask why we eat rice. People will eat, but why eat, there must be a problem, you can put our ideas with a little deeper, so that we can more in-depth thinking. If it is a business, you do not know why entrepreneurship, I think this is a very terrible thing, it is easy to lose the general direction, it is easy to give up.

me from doing business to business this year 20 years, SOHO Chinese founded this company is just 20 years. I saw 20 years ago, 10 years ago, recommended

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