What are the secrets of Pan Chunjian’s money making

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although it is said that the operation of cigarette products, if properly managed, can really make a lot of money. Now, however, almost any retail store will operate such a commodity, the competition between the industry can be imagined. So, if you can not grasp a certain business secrets, in fact, it is difficult to get a better business development. But Pan Chunjian has been in the process of the operation of the industry has been a good development, which naturally associated with the secret of her mastery. So, what are the secrets of Pan Chunjian’s cigarettes?

Wuming ASEAN region in the creek is a small grocery store owner, Pan Chunjian is a warm and sincere. "I have no people, I have excellent people is hanging in her mouth and the pet phrase. When the new listing, she is one of the most active otc. A customer into the store, she is always the customer not to mind taking the trouble, intentionally tease her and said: "you’re so good, this is really so good cigarette smoke?" Pan Chunjian smiled and said: "I want to know the taste of them, have to personally try, you try to buy a pack of clear." A joke, a pack of 25 yuan of "Zhenlong (origin) is sold out.

Pan Chunjian began operating a cigarette from 2008, when the OTC brand specifications of less than 30, now has 92, monthly sales from the past 100 to more than and 400 months from now, when the gross profit is less than 1000 yuan rose to 4000 yuan more than now. Asked Pan Chunjian what is the recipe for making money, she said lightly: "very simple, variety must be more, must be the whole, people do not have, I want to have, others have, I want to choose the best do fine. Not afraid of not making money, but not all the goods, store brands, customers will feel your operating strength, customers have to buy cigarettes at ease."

every successful business operators will certainly have their own skills, because it can be used in this way, will make the business of the shop is very hot and good development. So, if you are the owner of a retail store, Pan Chunjian’s cigarette money tips will help you shop operators do?

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