From code farmers to farmers from micro blog to electricity supplier

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success is not the industry, as long as you have the ability to seize the opportunity, nothing can not be. "Taro brother", real name Zhou Huabin, a HUAWEI to give up 5 figure salary, the determination of the transition of agricultural farm home, code to do the new media business.


taro brother from the Internet industry jumped to a farmer, others say he is a literary code has a typical character of agricultural youth, but in fact, he is a very self grass root. In the early days, he apprenticed at the hardware store, wandering, done in the disco cowboys to the site, then carrying bricks.

2012, he has reached the 5 digit in HUAWEI’s salary, higher than most peers, also higher than his parents a year of hard farm income, and then continue to work, may also be doubled. In this look when everything is good, he decided to resign, home farm.

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