Diamond ten brands list

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said that a variety of precious jewelry, diamonds can be said to be a very representative, but also because of the development of the entire diamond market, and now the birth of a lot of brands. Next, let Xiaobian introduce the ten major brands of diamonds, so that everyone on the diamond market brand can have a more comprehensive understanding.

diamond ten brands list NO.1, Day Beers De Beers: founded in 1888, the world’s largest / oldest diamond supplier, the world’s leading Diamond Corp, (De Beers) group.

diamond ten brands list NO.2, Harry Winsto: in 1890, one of the world’s leading brands in the jewelry industry, the world’s leading brands, Harry Winsto (Harry Winsto) jewelry company.

ten diamond brand rankings, Cartire NO.3 Cartier:1847 in France, under Richemont, the world’s top jewelry brands, well-known luxury brands, jewelry / watches leading brands, Richemont Commercial Co. ltd..

ten diamond brand rankings, Graff NO.4 Graff: the beautiful gorgeous jewelry pronoun, her beauty and rarity, a symbol of excellence, a world famous brand, a global leader in diamond producer.

diamond ten brands list, NO.5 Tiffany Tiffany: in 1873, the world’s top 500 brands, with diamonds and silver products known to the world, the world famous jewelry brand, the world’s top luxury goods company Co, Tiffany&.

ten diamond brand rankings, NO.6 Van Cleef & Arpels VanCleef: founded in 1895 in France, the world famous top jewelry brands, ten Necklace brand, the Swiss Richemont – Richemont Commercial Co. ltd..

diamond ten brands list NO.7, Kimberley: Shanghai famous trademark, one of China’s largest diamond sellers, China’s jewelry industry, one of the most competitive brands, Shanghai Kimberley diamond Co., ltd..

ten diamond brand ranking NO.8, Hanson: China Jewelry Industry Association member units, the domestic jewelry industry leader, diamond ten brands, Beijing Xi Shun Lee jewelry Limited by Share Ltd.

ten diamond brand rankings: Zhou Dafu NO.9, founded in 1929 in Hongkong, the large Asian jeweler, one of the most famous and the largest jewelry brand Chinese, Zhou Dafu Jewelry Co. ltd..


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