Fresh fruit juice store market prospects

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is now in the food and beverage consumption above are very cautious, the requirements of its almost harsh. And this is not because of the appearance of the other because of eating and drinking are inside our stomach, with a direct relationship between physical health, had to ask for high. Health is now the mainstream pursuit, many industries are beginning to develop in this direction. The same is true for the beverage industry, fresh fruit juice because of natural health, natural concern by people, open a shop like this is a lot of people’s choice, then fresh juice store market prospects?

freshly squeezed fruit juice market prospects?

demand large

According to

statistics, 2007-2011 annual sales income of Chinese juice industry is increasing year by year, 2010 sales revenue of 65 billion 638 million yuan, an increase of 20.58%; in 2011 sales revenue of 93 billion 78 million yuan, an increase of 31.47%.

China’s large population, the juice industry has become an important support for sustained growth. In recent years, the development of compound fruit juice beverage and fruit and vegetable juice beverage has been common in the market. At the same time, functional beverages, fruit juice beverages such as flowers of iodine rich juice, beverage and other high fiber health drinks as new materials to develop new concept of nutrition is better, the fruit and vegetable juice and organic milk juice milk, has been in China dairy beverage and fruit and vegetable juice beverage market shows the huge consumer demand.

Rapid development of


China’s fruit juice market showed a rapid development trend, the rapid rise of the fruit juice market and consumer health awareness are inseparable, fruit juice drinks, especially

Dragonfruit Juice the pure fruit juice is rich in essential vitamins and trace elements, therefore, healthy and delicious juice becomes the main reason to attract consumers. 2011 in December, China’s production of fruit juice and vegetable juice drinks 1 million 629 thousand and 900 tons, an increase of 11.16%. 2011 1-12 months, the national fruit juice and vegetable juice beverage production reached 19 million 200 thousand tons, an increase of 8.66%.

product health

elderly and children to drink a small amount of fruit juice can help digestion, moistening the intestines, to supplement the lack of nutrients in the diet. Adults if you can not guarantee a reasonable diet, drink fruit juice by adding some nutrients, is also a good way. Some people do not like to drink boiled water, there is a sweet taste of fruit juice can increase their drinking water, to ensure that the body’s need for water, is indeed a good thing.


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