Small business ideas big run

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to get rich through small business this way has become a very common way to get rich, but in today’s society, small business ideas are many, and low risk of small business is welcomed by the people.

select the location for the school, usually residential streets and other personnel, The stream never stops flowing. high density area is divided into several types according to different crude properties:

1): the rental shop store characteristics mainly provide customer convenience book rental service, store decoration patterns tend to high degree of lighting, book rental process is simple and fast, to borrow the books allocation turnover accounted for the vast majority of customers in reading consumption less proportion;

2): the type of leisure reading museum store properties mainly provide customers high-quality reading leisure space, indoor decoration style is characteristic, indoor lighting tend to be soft, compared to the rental shop, leisure reading within the proportion of Museum Reading consumption accounted for a higher proportion of turnover distribution. Most of the leisure reading hall to effectively improve customer spending, often combined with a variety of business projects, such as catering, network, etc.;

3) in other industries: composite rent Bookstore main business items of this type is not a comic novel rental, only to provide the additional services, hoping to enhance the degree of competition in this shop.

fruit fresh enough, not only to sell well, are also placed skills. Chiang said, yellow, orange, red orange fruit is more likely to attract attention, so he will pay special attention on seasonal fruits of mango, banana, litchi, peach and other placed in the striking position.

yogurt is a handmade yogurt as the theme of the concept of products, product line of yogurt, drinks, desserts, baked baking compound creative shop recommended

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