Join the urgent need to regulate the investment industry

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joined the chain industry business opportunities everywhere, has attracted numerous investors, but recent exposure to join the scam is also so many entrepreneurs feel scared. China’s accession to the market diversification trend is an advantage, but also the urgent need to regulate the authority, otherwise difficult to develop healthy.

At present, the domestic

in this confusion, we also saw another phenomenon, that is the so-called "struggle between businesses". Individual businesses for the purpose of exclusion have an ulterior motive, publishing false news on some websites and local media, attack the franchise industry, blinded the eyes of investors. Therefore, consumers and investors should be cautious, for false news should be Weakness lends wings to rumours. resisting.

businessmen also should reach a consensus through legal weapons to safeguard their own interests when necessary. The state should be traced to illegal acts, but also the introduction of appropriate laws and regulations to protect the interests of businesses and investors, so that the industry to join a standardized, healthy and orderly development of the road.

through standardized management system and operating rules, establish company regulations and enterprise management style; professional to open up the market, leading to international competition, with the standardization based on the market, which is being implemented in the concept of the franchise industry. This is a long way to go in the road, in addition to business efforts to protect national economic laws and regulations need more.




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