Kaka Rorty tea advantage

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Kaka Rorty tea, this tea has joined the market prospects? See Xiaobian for you to introduce this brand. If for you, look at your own.

Kaka Rorty tea product architecture innovation quality, brand philosophy, aesthetic and design style, launched in the mainland once, will become the new year’s light crowd favorite, caused by the consumption boom.

The teacher industry elite R & D

employs more than ten years of experience, grasp the customer pursuit of fashion drinks, tea and the introduction of top technology and advanced equipment, continuing to develop in different seasons and different tastes, new drinks for fashion consumers.

strictly control the temperature of the water by professional deployment of technology, in a short period of time and extraction of tea tea flavor, good tea flavor of the moment.

Kaka Rorty fusion around the world all kinds of essence, each drink is handmade, carefully selected raw materials, brewing, the extension of the taste of Hong Kong Style rhyme, fashion elements to join, bring you lead a person to endless aftertastes sensory experience.

uses its own blending through special craft brewing processing, extraction of fresh fruit juice, "product positioning 0 creamer, fruit powder, pigment, 0 0 0 add" conforms to modern people’s healthy diet, the rapid deployment of a fresh and healthy tea!

Kaka Rorty tea advantage:

headquarters to more standard and rigorous production process to investors, beginners can mature operation.

investors can not only learn the main features of the essence of the product, but also learn similar features of other technology.

to provide a unified national brand operation guide manual, a strong system of security escort your business. Management headquarters strictly control the investment zone, to protect the interests of the partners, the contract can not develop second agents in the region. Own operations experts for you to have 360 dimensional brand training courses, so that you become the industry experts.

logistics center to develop the ordering platform, the implementation of materials in a timely manner, lower logistics costs, faster. VI, SI and other brand recognition discs provide storefront design graphic design and the door. Hundreds of experts in the operation of the national team of experts to provide you with expert follow-up operations throughout the tracking service, business security.

The above is the

Kaka Rorty tea this brand of simple introduction, if you still have what other problems do not know or want to know this brand, or to join, please message in our website below, we will arrange for staff to contact you after seeing the message.

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