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university girls wear clothes to pursue fashion, but do not want to spend too much money, so many people want to find suitable for college girls clothing brand. So, what are the clothing brands for college girls? Today to introduce a few good brands.

for college girls clothing brand: Snidel


Snidel is a Japanese brand, Lookbook looks warm is very thick, fur, lace up boots, ultra satin, gorgeous but still fresh taste. Often seen in the ViVi and Sweet Journal of Japanese street fashion brand snidel, with LENA, chailley tengjing, pear and other popular supermodel’s recommendation, from the beginning of 2005 appeared to be a lot of vision.

Earth  music  &   ecology


earth  music  &   Ecology – Japan’s largest women’s brand, is also popular in Japan, Hongkong, Taiwan, the first brand of natural. Affiliated with Japan’s large clothing company CROSS  COMPANY, was nicknamed EME fans. Founded by well-known buyers Ishikawa Yasuharu in Japan in 1999 in Tokyo, after a dozen years, has become a natural fashion fashion icon, Sen female pop culture creator and sales of Japanese women No.1. At the same time, earth  music  &   ecology as the popularity of the 20 Generation Japanese women in the highest brand, has been the Japanese national idol Aoi Miyazaki, Ueno Juri and the new generation of pop Sasaki Nozomi, Miho Tanaka and many other stars in the pursuit.

for college girls clothing brand: cicishop



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