P2P net loan dawn on the eve of the night

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[Abstract] Nanjing, a record Xin loan P2P net loan platform has been running".


text / Bian Haifeng

days ago, Tencent technology reported that a Nanjing P2P net loan platform Chong Xin loan "has" run away ", the site began in June 11th has stopped updating, and no one answered the phone call. Tencent technology verification, Chong Xin loan model is also suspected of illegal fund-raising. This is the month of fourth suspected run away the net loan platform, and before the net Campbell, science news network and financial sunbell three net loan platform have disappeared.

and earlier, the net loans, Leah loans, platinum and copper Fuxiang venture capital, venture capital and other passenger safety up to hundreds of P2P net loan companies or is closed down, or run away, they tend to "investment" and "fund management", "venture capital", "risk investment" and many other names appear by "investors’ funds. During this period, all kinds of media have been reported in the news, we can not help but think, why people will be fooled, do these vivid cases can not give these investors sounded the alarm?

a matter of fact, these investors are aware of the tiger undeterred, the fundamental reason is the incentives. According to China’s relevant laws and regulations on private lending, the highest rate of private lending shall not be higher than the highest interest rate of four times the same bank, generally between 22-26%, beyond the scope of the law is not protected. In other words, the benefits of private lending than bank interest on a regular basis, even higher than the monetary fund many times, so that the interests of temptation, I believe no one can resist, P2P net loan is no exception.

disappeared P2P mystery

as to why the frequent emergence of P2P net loan platform collapse, or running on the news, I think there is nothing more than the following three reasons.


is a "pseudo" P2P net loan platform, such companies have no intention to do P2P net loan platform, but hope that through P2P net loan this new way, illegal deposit taking, the Ponzi scheme means rob Peter to pay Paul net loan funds flow, enjoy yourself to bring dividends, this model itself is a hoax, but driven by high profits, so there will still be many people cheated.

is the second encounter "investors" concentrated run, lead to bankruptcy, this is one of the more common phenomenon. Many small P2P net loan platform, due to its use of funds, when the market investors will encounter some wind sways grass, concentrated run, due to their own capital reserves, this time there will be no money to mention embarrassing. So these small P2P net loan platform, usually choose to limit the amount of withdrawal (day), thus reducing the risk of a run.

is due to weak credit rating, resulting in higher bad debt ratio, the normal should be less than 3%. Currently most of the P2P net loan platform independent risk control system, it is difficult to hope that the central bank >

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