Most of China’s top domain name server failure affected by the site

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technology news January 21st afternoon news, according to several DNS service providers revealed that 3 points this afternoon, all the generic top level domain root is abnormal, resulting in some domestic users can not access to.Com websites, causing systemic impact on the national Internet links.

root server is used to manage the main directory of the internet. There are only 13 units in the world, the names of these 13 root servers are "A" to "M", of which the 10 are set in the United States, and the other one is set in the UK, Sweden and japan.


said simply, we visited the domain name of the site to a root server, then the user root service to the.Com server, server.Com and point users to" A DNS technical experts explained that the problem is only in China, indicating that the global root server has not been a problem, the problem is likely to be the domestic network operators.

"this visit occurs at about 3:20 in the afternoon, when the user requests the root server, is pointing to a IP address (A record), which is completely wrong guide." The experts said.

according to the 360 security guards micro-blog official said, the 360 sites guards test found that many sites are resolved to, the reason is that the current node fails, the domestic 2/3 DNS in a state of paralysis.

the experts explained that the part of the user can still access the Internet, because the network DNS server has a certain cache time, if the fault root server, most of the sites will be affected. (Zhang Nan)

noun explanation:

what is DNS?

for example, as a domain name and IP address corresponding to the DNS is like an automatic phone book, we can call the name of the Wikipedia to replace the phone number (IP address). DNS in the name of the site we call directly after the will be as easy to use as the name of the human conversion imaging as easy to machine recognition of the IP address.

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