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Morning Post reporter Shen Liang Zhang Jingyan

Railway Spring Festival yesterday continued to usher in peak ticket, ShangHai Railway Station all day long tickets sold 364 thousand copies. 12306 site network ticket also ushered in the peak, compared to last year’s website "stuck", this year’s "12306 is not paralyzed, but no ticket"


for the controversial "rush ticket software", the Ministry of Railways 12306 experts yesterday responded that the software master really developed method can grab the train tickets on the Internet faster, but it is not fair to the other passengers.

reporter experience

billing after it sold 3 minutes

Shanghai to Chongqing K696 train is the only train to the eastern region of Shanghai, Chongqing, the source has been very tense. A few days ago, there are users on the Internet Tucao this train ticket is difficult to buy. From 11:50 has been waiting to refresh, but this magical train K696 always show no tickets, no tickets, no tickets." A netizen said on micro-blog.

in order to experience the ticket problem, the reporter yesterday tried to buy 12306 trains in February 5th through the K696 site. In accordance with the regulations, the train from 15 yesterday to open the reservation. 14:45, log on to the 12306 site, the ticket bar shows the reservation state is gray.

15 o’clock, ticket bar jump to the blue "scheduled" state, but always can not click enter. Three minutes later, after repeated page refresh, only there are 11 sleeper tickets remaining tickets have been sold out.

click on the ticket to enter the page, the page appears abnormal network tips, after repeated refresh, still can not get into the ticket page. About 20 minutes later, the network returned to normal, but the train tickets have been sold out.

19:10 yesterday, the Post reporter process to complete a series of registration operation on the 12306 ticket website, did not encounter network anomalies, in the "ticket booking page" prompt, successful purchase of a January 27th, trips to D3002, from Shanghai to Wuhan’s two seat ticket.

12306 website

is still likely to log slow

12306 is not paralyzed, but no ticket! Released by the time of booking tickets, just point a ticket for nothing! "Netizen" Xian Qing scholar "in micro-blog said.

just last month, 12306 sites have been suspended due to equipment failure due to equipment for three degrees. On the afternoon of December 24, 2012, the 12306 website issued a notice saying that due to hardware failure, is organizing repair, suspend Internet Ticketing services". The night the day, again due to the failure of air conditioning system, website tips "at present the suspension of Internet Ticketing, refund, change business". December 26, 2012 >

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