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editor’s note: the navigation website is to provide convenient Internet experience for users, with the classification of the site navigation, you can quickly find themselves in need of most websites, without having to remember those complex. The initial navigation website is mandatory promotion, users cannot modify and adjust the position according to the site and hobbies. Some of the latter part of the site based on the user experience the best results, allowing registered users to customize their own home page according to their needs, which greatly enhance the user to get the best results. Baidu’s acquisition of hao123, the 360 screen navigation station plug-in, Chinese site navigation market has become Baidu, 360 and other Internet giants dominate the world situation, previously lucrative small web site navigation station data show half dead. How to seek survival in the small and medium-sized site navigation in predicament? The talks interview, I take you into the Clarks off Zhang Dongqing and his team.


Zhang Dongqing and

Qile entrepreneurial team

guest: find new and joyful happy

asked why to do such a navigation website, Zhang Dongqing said that he is a technical background, often focus on some domestic websites, feel good when you save a bookmark, found in the course of time, a few years accumulated very hundreds, sometimes favorites to find it very inconvenient, reinstall the system on touch and change the browser’s favorites, backup sometimes lost. The essence of the accumulation of hard sites are lost. When using hao123 web site navigation, suffer not modify according to personal preference, want to make a different from the traditional navigation website.

cloud based social bookmark bookmark

put forward the concept of "cloud" is a popular trend on the Internet in recent years, based on this, Clarks off to do carry on the establishment of a network of pod users can customize their own. You can cross system, cross platform use, according to the trend of the Internet community, in particular the introduction of the Sina customer Qile micro-blog, Tencent micro-blog, happy net API interface, convenient for users to share with friends of his collection of good website or website group.


is optimized for the guest Qi Le page, according to user preferences page customization part

micro innovation

for most navigation website pages vivid dull, team has made some modifications, the first is to join the related to personal life assistant, group purchase, personal interests and hobbies; listening to some users suggested landscaping design of the part of the page, to tell the user, not just a navigation site, to do the more lively, more humane. For example, the web page on the news of the day the weather icon, in order to allow users to get a good visual effect, excellent team paid the purchase of a passenger can

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