Buy site reshuffle small group buying site basically closed down

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buy hot at the same time, buy fraud door frequently staged. Recently, as one of the country’s ten major groups to buy one of the group’s network of treasure coupons appear void, funding strand breaks, arrears of wages and other issues, by the community wide concern.

in less than two years, the country’s rapid development of the network to buy the market, gradually showing the development of differentiation. A small number of sites to the next level, more are facing bankruptcy. How to buy the current network operating in Huizhou, how to develop the next, recently, the reporter visited the part of the network to buy the industry.

status: small buy site basically closed

According to the

data group 800 group purchase navigation in October last year included the show, Huizhou has 47 group purchase website, the turnover of more than 450 yuan. Among them, the United States group network and handle network accounted for most of the market share.

a third party statistics, as of the end of last year, the number of domestic normal operations to buy the site has dropped from more than 6000 to more than 2000. IResearch analysts had revealed that the top ten buy site has covered more than 60% of the group of users. Also, network group purchase market in Huizhou has shrunk.

West Amoy in Huizhou is currently the only one local group purchase navigation website yesterday, reporters at the site in the list only see this group purchase website, Anthocephalus life network, handle network, the U.S. group 8 group purchase website.

Huizhou West guest operations director Zhang Hailin told reporters that the local growing group purchase website, in the last year, there are nearly 20 homes, many of which are small group purchase website formed by individuals, and the large group purchase website is not much, a handle, the U.S. group, 6.

small current group buying site is almost nonexistent." Zhang Hailin said, from the end of last year, the number of group purchase websites in Huizhou is gradually shrinking, at present in the Internet can still open the small group purchase website, but is not what new information, only a handful of several large group purchase website in Huizhou station point.

bottleneck: the site is facing a dilemma

for the collapse of many small group buying site, Zhang Hailin told reporters, in fact, buy site profit point is very low. In the hot period of purchase, many people follow the trend to set up a group buying site, most of the individual is the formation of the site, they tend to be less money, there is no professional management team, can only stay in the low volume of operations."

in the overall environment of low profit, the large number of buy site in the number of advantages. A large group to buy a website can have a single purchase, the number of advantages to support the survival and development of large group buying site."

according to reports, the current domestic market to buy the market development drawbacks appear mainly in the homogenization of serious, lack of innovation. Zhang Hailin said that most of the group buying site in Huizhou to buy items are mainly based on the physical nature of the homogenization of serious, which also led to the competition between the buy site >

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