When operators to join the interception of advertising army Google’s biggest challenge came

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operators to join the intercept advertising army

note: so far, digital media advertising is anxious to intercept, but individual behavior, a person from the apple store or Google Play to download a software installed on their personal computer or mobile phone. A few days ago, Jerome wrote the words long article in titanium media "technical subversion Technology: Apple ad blocking the birth of the" activation after advertising "?" discusses this issue.

with the participation of telecom operators, advertising interception of such personal behavior will be upgraded to telecommunications, network level. Blocking software will be installed in the data center operators in the future; intercept is no longer a cat and mouse guerrilla warfare, but the giant giant large formation warfare. Earlier this year, the Financial Times reported that some of the European mobile operators are from the technical and legal aspects of the assessment of such interception technology. The company, which is described below, is a mobile operator with 13 million users, Digicel, who may be the first to implement a network level ad blocker, but may not be the last one:


Digicel, head of Denis · Obrien. He may be the initiator of evil ad blocking Telecom, his technology from Israel is armed. The company that provides the technology has Li Jiacheng’s investment.

advertising intercept topic, people have grown accustomed to. Activation in the apple iOS9 UBS, ad blocking feature, Morgan JP, Barclays, Goldman Sachs investment bank research report to people shaoanwuzao, don’t get excited over a little thing. However, after Pandora’s box open, and not to an investment banker can insight into the small smart. In their own time writing research, telecommunication, network interception or fantastic things, mobile APP in their minds is still as strong as iron fortress.

however, two weeks later, on September 30th, the Wall Street Journal reported that telecom ad blocking this breakthrough technology to enter the spotlight of imagination. This initiated by telecom operators to intercept, not only technically feasible, and has been publicly announced, to be on their own sites on Google and Facebook to conduct a comprehensive interception, unless they leave mailuqian.

The Wall Street journal’s

Jack · Marshall; 30 reported that the mobile operator Digicel on Wednesday (September 30th) announced that they will soon be intercepted in the transmission of the Caribbean and the South Pacific Network of online advertising.

this report quoted a person familiar with the information provided by the relevant parties pointed out that the German telecommunications group Telekom (Deutsche) is also considering the interception of its online advertising matters. Earlier, the financial times has reported that some European mobile operators

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