Ma Yun Ma Huateng Lei and other chiefs gathered in Guizhou for just one thing

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note: May 26th, in Guiyang in 2015, the big data industry expo and the world’s big data era Guiyang summit opened in Guiyang. Ma Yun, Ma Huateng, Zhou Hongyi, Tian Suning, Lei Jun and Terry Gou all you don’t know the size of the Internet to the Yankees, Premier Li Keqiang also sent a congratulatory letter. What did they say at the meeting?. This article source: positive and island content, the original title: "today, Ma Lei Ma Huateng and other chiefs gathered in Guizhou for just one thing", author: Li Jing. Tiger sniffing is deleted.

‘s biggest energy is the future of big data

Ma Yun, chairman of the board of directors of

Alibaba group:

I came to check on the Internet before this morning, to see a lot of stores under the line said in a discount, in the shop, said a thing, are Ma Yunre’s curse, are the cause of Taobao". In fact, I think, 13 years ago we promote the entire e-commerce, we would say that the Internet will affect the production, manufacturing, sales, the Internet will affect all aspects of society, e-commerce will bring huge impact on many industries, many people do not think so.

I can also say that today, ten years later, a lot of people will say that China’s economy, the world economy is good or bad, is the cause of Guizhou. If you do not participate in the construction of the entire big data, do not put their own business into an Internet manufacturing industry, I believe you will be like today, complaining and complaining.

I think anything to stand in the perspective of the future today, not just from today’s achievements, what can you do today to look at the future. The world is undergoing great changes, I believe the next 30 years is the most exciting of the human society for the next 30 years, the next 30 years is also expected for the next 30 years, the next 30 years is the fear of panic for the past 30 years.

today we are living in a very tangled era, the trend of the economic downturn, a small company in a closed, that is because of the Internet, because the Internet is a large company, anyway, everyone blames us out of trouble because of the internet. But on the other hand, it is found that many thriving enterprises in the continuous up.

some time ago I interviewed six young people, I gasped, fortunately I was 15 years ago today if entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, the boys must be alive to death, because of the large data they use, they are using the Internet, a lot of things that I don’t really understand however, I believe that once I understand, I will be more panic.

is speaking today, we call the information age of data for many years, the transformation of the government innovation era, transformation and upgrading is to pay the price, the price is now beginning to take shape, maybe a lot of people say we look forward to the transformation and upgrading.

the first industrial revolution is caused by coal, is the real release of the physical strength, hope stronger. Second >

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