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do the most difficult place not in the program, the content is not recorded, but how the website promotion out, let more people know your site and visit your site. And how to effectively promote the webmaster to become the most headache thing, need webmaster friends to explore and constantly sum up experience, here to provide some of the popular website promotion skills and methods, we interactive learning!

1 blog promotion

website blog promotion

due to the recommendation of the blog site, you can greatly increase the amount of visits. Therefore, the value of the blog lies in how to use. Blog is the world’s most extensive and efficient information dissemination channels, rich resources can be sent to the major Internet media and media reporters, including a wide audience. We can be the fastest and most convenient way to pass the appropriate information to the majority of the audience, so that more people can search their own stations.

2 connection exchange

, it is best to find some high PR website they link or image link on the home page prominently on the similar website, the website PR is better. This will convert your reverse links, but also can effectively improve the PR value of your web site, your website ranking will also made great contributions (quantity and quality according to the hilltop algorithm, the ranking of the final decision on site)

3 search engine login ranking

search engine to the site to bring traffic will be growing, but the most effective or manual landing. By hand landing to NetEase, Yahoo and other search engines can bring a lot of traffic. Some of the other portals currently take a toll landing, you can choose according to their own circumstances. But I personally think that its investment and return is not worthwhile.

if you do not want to get the money and want to get a better ranking, then you have to optimize your site, do some detailed strategy. Such as Title Design, label design, content layout design, etc..

4 and navigation website exchange

for a traffic is not large, the popularity of the site is not high, the navigation site can bring you traffic far more than search engines and other methods.

5 write soft push

is generally a good effect of the original, not malicious speculation, it is easy to cause resentment of others, will not be long-term value. Value will encourage users to browse. The website will be recommended, on the recommendation, reproduced by many websites, inadvertently increased station reverse link, there are a lot of backlinks, easier to let others know their own website, get the attention of others.

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