Baidu hao222 has been bought in 2004 undetermined use

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August 2nd, according to informed sources, is not like the outside world, the spread of Baidu low-key registration, but in 2004, when the acquisition of Baidu hao123 bought together. According to the relevant person in charge of Baidu hao123 revealed that and hao123 user groups are different, the future will do bold attempt, but he refused to disclose the content and specific timetable.

, the official said, is no difference with the, are the site navigation station, the use of the current is not yet clear, depending on the traffic situation. It is observed that the current interface is almost identical to the hao123 in terms of layout and tone.

August 2nd a little earlier, there is news that Baidu low-key login site navigation station, or will be officially launched in the near future".

in March 2, 2010, there was news that Baidu started from March to stop the promotion of cooperation and comprehensive web site navigation, and turn to a handful of domestic large websites to discuss the acquisition or holding operation etc.. June, Baidu Union banned a number of millions of traffic level site navigation account.

insiders believe that Baidu’s future hao123 promotion strategy is the brand, hao222 promotion strategy is the alliance, the nature of different, not easy to open source traffic will rely on". It is understood that the country’s largest site navigation station hao123 2009 real income 210 million. (end)


Hao222 home


Hao123 home

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