The Japanese e commerce giant Rakuten to enter the American market at Amazon

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co-founder and CEO Miki Tanihiroshi (Tencent technology plan)


technology news (Rui Xue) April 2nd Beijing time news, "connection" magazine recently published article said that the Japanese e-commerce giant Rakuten has achieved great success in the domestic market, but after the acquisition of American online retailer, the company is in the United States into the market, trying to challenge Amazon’s business model is different from the the latter’s dominance. Lotte CEO Miki Tanihiroshi (Hiroshi Mikitani) pointed out that whether the company can occupy more market share in the U.S. market, the key lies in whether can to shops as the center of the strategic re creation.

The following is the full text of this article:

When the importance of

when the web began to stand out in the middle of 1990s, Miki Tanihiroshi was an executive at the age of 31, he holds the Harvard University business school degree, in one of Japan’s biggest bank service, is along the country’s traditional successful way of striding forward. And then he quit.

as the love from the ratio of the lost lamb "American entrepreneur, the Japanese company culture that more stringent loyalty belief that the departure of Miki Tanihiroshi is more radical. And the next thing he did was radical. In the mid 1997, Miki Tanihiroshi founded the e-commerce venture company, (Rakuten), when Amazon will soon be listed. However, his views on the online shopping industry and Geoff · (Jeff Bezos) set standards have little in common.

From the beginning of

was involved in this industry, Miki Tanihiroshi has been avoided and called its mode of electronic commerce "vending machine" relation, and the utilitarianism, the pattern is followed by amazon. From the beginning of creation of Lotte, Miki Tanihiroshi will serve as a staging ground for digital shops these shops, all from the landing site of the Lotte brand businesses, operating affairs was also responsible for the business itself. Miki Tanihiroshi believes that online shops can cultivate a sense of human communication, so that shopping activities become more interesting.

has proved that Miki Tanihiroshi’s instincts are right. Now, Lotte in Japan, e-commerce market share has exceeded 1/4, the equivalent of the Amazon in the Japanese market share of more than two times. In more than and 10 countries on the market, Lotte this worth billions of dollars from the company has online shopping business expanded to a series of other services, from tourism to banking to e-book reader (Lotte Kobo e-book reader has Everything is contained therein.).


has become a huge scale of Internet Co, but there must be people who do not know this company.

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