The Jingdong issued commercial strong business model winner

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November 22nd, Jingdong business in Shanghai, held in GOU, YUE special theme of the commercial sharing. HP China District commercial computer channel sales General Manager Chen Jinghong Taikehubu, Jingdong deputy general manager of Jingdong, commercial marketing general manager Li Jing, director of Jingdong Taikehubu eastern region Si Xiang Feng and other leaders attended the event. At the meeting, the Jingdong commercial release of the hive big data systems, commercial mining through, enterprise Wyatt management, commercial scenario solutions and a series of commercial support services. HP, BenQ, Xian, Aurora, Jabra, Lexmark, Zhongtian, PHILPS, Jin an billion and a number of commercial brands, jointly attended the event. Jingdong’s strategic business service system, marking the official opening of the commercial market electricity supplier change wave, a strong impetus to the future of the commercial market change.


(Jingdong business strategy east strong release)

commercial market electricity supplier gene

in the 426 year of Enterprise Strategy Conference, Jingdong issued purchase commercial, service and brand strategy three, based on the original supplier of enterprise procurement service, realize the comprehensive sharing and innovation scene and electricity supplier upgrade, for enterprise customers to provide more comprehensive procurement services. This, started the battle of Jingdong electricity supplier procurement brand, but also for the first time Jingdong electricity supplier procurement to enhance the brand and strategy.

the traditional commercial mode, procurement process is complicated, the internal organizational cooperation barriers, the procurement of information technology platform to automation, the procurement process from the tail to the problem of enterprise purchasing unfinished business. Jingdong’s advantage lies in the realization of the transaction through the integrity of the link and interaction, sharing open platform, closed-loop integration of industrial chain, driven by data technology, intelligent procurement.


(Li Jing, vice president of Jingdong, general manager of Jingdong commercial marketing, general manager,


technology driven intelligent tools

the successful purchase of Jingdong and HP cooperation, thanks to Jingdong honeycomb system technical support. "The hive", is a collection of tools based on intelligent demand of the Internet, with commodity database linkage of the Jingdong. "Honeycomb" can provide a detailed classification of choice for customers, customer demand of intelligent fuzzy collection, so as to clear the customers in product selection of the necessary elements.

when customers have purchasing needs, can be in the "beehive" system, fuzzy, accurate procurement requirements. Fixed product categories, in each category, Jingdong set up a different classification, customers can choose accordingly. For example, for air conditioning, how much space? Or wall mounted cabinet type used in office area or room?? through the detailed classification system selection, fuzzy demand intelligent collection of customers, so as to clear the customers in product selection of the necessary elements.

at the same time, Jingdong company launched the purchase of a single enterprise under cover

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