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there are many ways to promote the site, but also a new daily, there is always a feeling of being abandoned by the times. In fact, more than a dozen or even dozens of methods are not necessarily suitable for your site, there are a lot of new Adsense just set up the site, and immediately to the A5 webmaster to find the best way to promote the web site. Really found, but also found a number of more than their own imagination, was very happy. Then began to pick a simple way to start, that is, QQ group, QQ group mail, and then give yourself all the friends of QQ sent to the web site, so that they click. The first day of the night before to check the flow, wow, really, very happy to go to sleep, dreams are thinking of the promotion method of true spirit, so simple propaganda about hundreds of IP, the original station so easy ah, I do not have to add the QQ group. Also as those online owners complain that serious, I think it is not difficult to promote. The United States and the United States after a sleep, wake up very excited to open the traffic statistics, it is an accident, the flow is almost zero. You wonder, yesterday so many people where to go? How did not come today? But wait for the night, still did not see those who visit their station again, originally warm business heart, so a pot of cool cool water to freeze up. Also did not have the mood to add QQ group promotion, have the initiative to find the door to do the links also ignore others, so a web site into hibernation state. That some friends will ask, what exactly do you want to say?

actually I want to say is that the promotion website really want to choose their own website to do, otherwise it in vain. Today, I said under the offline promotional methods. Take the community for example, a local community is very able to gather popularity. You need to combine online and offline mode to do promotion. For example, you can do a very popular now buy. Talk to your supervisor about your local shopping malls or playgrounds. You can ask to the Department in charge of a certain number of coupons, of course, that only you can get preferential policies, if one market promotion, anyone can buy these products at the same price, you won’t have any authority. You can get a lot of publicity at any place, and then organize these people regularly. When these preferential promotion took the opportunity to hold netizen, firmly bound in their own community website. In many areas now are doing some stage marketing activities, also can take advantage of this opportunity to promote their own websites, for example they say, free advertising in the community, and then make their web site and the name of your community play in such propaganda banners. Anyway, it’s a resource swap. You don’t have any damage. I just give an example, we can think about it, the development of some of the new ideas under the line, after all, this year has been a lot of people to promote online marketing that is a waste of information, direct trash. Well, just so wordy point, an opinion, master Paizhuan, finally I wish you traffic soared. Attached to my website entertainment online (please reprint articles without friends >

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