Seriously you lose talk about the nternet tear forced marketing battle

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MorriChinese Internet marketing circle is

in 2015 is quite lively, first is a Jingdong to Ali "meet hundred years" show, followed by millet music as a "closed open debate", followed by HUAWEI Yu Chengdong shelled millet Note, is completely "you sing my debut" rhythm, which is a then a "tear forced war" let love Chinese netizens onlookers hooked.

, however, as a long time * * * marketing people, whenever there is the Internet but the tear forced things, the watch at the same time, is also speculation the deep reason of each event from "topic / event marketing perspective, so by watching momentum, simple inventory and explain in the past year a few time is more representative of the" tear forced wars ", welcome interested readers Tucao together.

(1) VS

and Wang Luo


tear point: hammer T1 phone various quality problems

introduction: Hammer Luo and Wang freely Zealer in August 27th last year the decisive battle Youku summit was originally called "the first Internet Chinese frame", but then was a lot of friends as "a farce". But with their gab minutes to put Wang Ziru to the whole debate and seckill, also showing a boring trick "one-sided" situation, successfully steal the spotlight with his "old ruffian teacher", then to Wang Ziru’s on hand for more than 3 hours of machine manufacturing course.

spicy comments: strictly speaking, this farce can be called a "debate", what we see is just a straight man, Wang Ziru Luo Dougen crosstalk show. But no matter how old the tear forced to the outside world and complete picture of many selling points of T1, and Wang Ziru also let more people know Zealer the evaluation from the site, so to enhance the visibility of the point of view, this farce is basically to achieve a win-win situation.

index: speculation assumes


(2) drops VS fast


tearing point: call the car application which strong?


said that "money is capricious, drops and fast the China car market friends were backed by the Tencent and Ali two trees, in 2014 launched another round of" burning money (Keng) (die) "contest, from billions of billions, not more than who do better, but who have more money than. Finally, with the depth of integration with WeChat applications, drops get 74.1% of the market share (data from CNNIC "2013-2014 China Mobile Internet Research Report").

hot comment: when a traditional industry with the Internet, "

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