Zhang Chao enterprise station can give stationmaster and enterprise bring much benefit 1

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then I can answer this question, in my personal understanding, enterprise station is divided into two kinds:

1, image enterprise station.

2, business enterprise station.

is a personal understanding of the following:

image of the enterprise stand I will not say more, mainly in order to prove that the company is more comprehensive, more comprehensive display to the customer, so that customers recognize you. White words, is a face problem.

business enterprise station, the advantages of the Internet to bring more performance to the company, so that the company’s business development is not only the field, but also to the network, so that the company’s business scope to expand. Spoken description is to promote their products on the network, sale, etc..

below I analyze now most of the webmaster

a lot of hard work every day in the update of their own, every day looking forward to Baidu snapshots, included, rankings, as well as PR update. I want to ask you, hard to do so much, even if your site received tens of thousands, tens of thousands of IP, ranking 100 thousand, so what is your income? 1 thousand? 2 thousand? Or more? You stay up late every day, 2 to 3 points, up to early morning check included, even dream of doing website, website update, modify the program, don’t you think that is not directly proportional to your return and pay


actually I before and many owners like to sleep at night, get up early in the morning, remember the most fierce one, bought a box of instant noodles, pull the curtains, and now I don’t know I stayed at home for a few days to buy breakfast, I thought for a long time is in the morning. It clearly has more than 7 in the afternoon, but in the end I was nothing, and finally decided to go to the company to work, until now I still regret stupid.

. For a long time, I open it (estimated to scold my people have begun, ha ha), I was in my now enterprise stand do examples.

our company is a decoration company, what is the name of the URL, I will not put up, start in the company has been doing network maintenance, then in my persuasion the boss agreed to do a website, and finally did Baidu bid, now benefit is still relatively good, can bring to the company’s performance 20-50 million per month, of course my income is greatly increased, in here, I mainly talk about how to convince your boss to do a website, do the bidding.

if you have a website, you can skip this section. At the beginning, the boss does not agree with the website directly, finally I put another company for analysis under the general decoration company website cost is about 1000-5000 (the price is for the enterprise, the boss of course) is concerned about money, but he is more concerned about the benefits and profits, I analyzed, if the station of a company the rankings do go up, every day IP to 50-200, visits a month is 1500IP-6000IP, our customer service system in website plus, customer advisory >

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