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Taobao guest promotion website is my network promotion work began, most often a kind of website. Every day to these Taobao promotion website promotion products, or use some of their useful features, etc.. Today, I would like to share with you the most familiar with a few Taobao guest promotion website.

1: Taobao community (http://s.www.taobao.com/forum.php)


community was the first to let me have a desire on the web page favorites Taobao guest website promotion, why choose it, because here is high quality consumer, practical group is the first step for Taobao customers to promote the success of the. And posting here as long as your post is not very

a general will not delete your post. Here we can learn a lot of practical knowledge of Taobao. Now I also used to go to the Taobao community every day to see information, understanding of consumer psychology, learning e-commerce experience. In addition, the Taobao channel is also the question I often go up to ask questions (http://s.dating.taobao.com).

two: I love discount network (www.55bbs.com)

I was the first to promote the Taobao guest goods place, that is, I love discount forum. At that time, I just contacted Taobao, because I think Taobao customers can make money, so they entered the Taobao. Just do very well when Taobao off here, this place with the Taobao community is also very like a good consumer groups, but here the users also have a characteristic that is the people here love cheap things of value.

before posting here promotion income is very good, now posting here want to keep stick is not easy, can not be directly commodity promotion, but there are ways here is not publicly said, said it would give many people blocked.

three: Taobao guest (www.taobaoke.org)

this is a new Taobao customers to promote local many of my friends have not heard of this website, this website webmaster is very clever Amoy renamed the Adsense on the first time registered the domain name taobaoke.org. You can see that the webmaster is very optimistic about Taobao.

just started I was not very concerned about the site, and then I slowly found that the site is getting better and better, many places can see this

website advertising and promotional articles, Google search "Taobao" was the site ranked first row also than Ali mother before landing Taobao guest (taobaoke.org) I found it also released a free commodity article, I suddenly had this website play.

sure enough in the hair made a few articles can not be expected to promote such an ideal. I really think that Taobao should be like this where all customers to promote this effect. "

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