s a 3 15 CCTV also once again caught the hot market

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did you have a good time,


3· 15 party with all the elements of a CCTV party. The lively lighting choreography, the four presenters lined up, Sa Beining on the cadence, Ouyang Xiadan ridicule on the stage (I do not know is not the audience, as well as supporting) the sketch, turns on stage chatter without stop preaching expert leadership, real-time updates of WeChat data……

is different, 3· 15 party and something else. During the period from morning to evening, micro-blog, circle of friends, spectators are guessing, which companies will have bad luck this time.

CCTV full of foreplay, one month in advance to gradually release the hot complaints list, online shopping, automobile consumption, consumption of mobile phone named micro-blog #315 exposure # Taiwan; topic amount of reading over 1 billion 300 million.

this one day of the year as a crowd of public executions: executions are wearing caps, with the party, a head is off, it is "stimulus".

this year, the two companies in the gun, is hungry and the car is easy to shoot

in this year’s 3· 15 party, was pointed out that there are many problems in the field, but the company is not involved in specific. For example, the production of fake dentures, the application of malicious chargeback issued, as well as the application of security vulnerabilities, these companies are quickly brought.

focus on the hungry and the car easy to shoot the two companies.

as the first appearance of this year, the company, hungry it was talked about when the length of 13 minutes. CCTV’s focus on the lack of business qualification and the presence of a restaurant on the issue of health and safety issues, and said Me Moxu was even hungry to help such black workshop settled.

in the absence of regulatory gaps, the problem appears after taking off the Internet platform, not the first time the media talked about. On the morning of March 15th, "Beijing News" also published an article on the platform takeaway investigation, hungry, the U.S. group, Baidu takeaway these three platforms are black workshop. As to why the focus of the party gathered in a company, it is unknown.

second at the show, and get a 10 minute call exposure, it is used on the Internet to do the car sales car easy to shoot. The main problem is the opaque price of the transaction – because buyers and sellers can not see each other’s real offer, there will be a difference between the price of the car easy to cooperate with the 4S store earn.

3· 15 has gradually become a popular place to publish CCTV

2015, takeaway, second-hand car trading can be regarded as two areas in addition to the taxi, the most fierce burn.

hungry is the most fierce one, from its financing situation, only a year in 2015, spent 10 >

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