The World Soy Foundation Posed the Challenge…and What an Answer we Received

first_imgBack in early December, the World Soy Foundation’s (WSF) Acre Challenge Campaign received a boost during the American Soybean Association’s (ASA) meetings in St. Louis, as well as a generous donation from the John Deere Foundation—pushing the total for the new fiscal year over $13,000.We are very excited to report, however, that the response to our recent Holiday Acre Challenge Appeal was overwhelming and many more have accepted the Challenge!The World Soy Foundation’s Acre Challenge Campaign has reached over $43,400—a 234 percent increase since the beginning of last month. With the generosity of people like you, we are all making a life-changing difference in the lives of malnourished children around the world through the Power of Soy!But, we need your continued support so we are able to reach even more children. Join other fellow farmers and consider donating the value of ONE ACRE OF SOYBEANS and give the gift of protein today! Click “Donate Now,” visit or send your check to:World Soy Foundation12125 Woodcrest Executive Drive, Suite 100St. Louis, MO 63141The World Soy Foundation is a 501c3 charitable organization. Your gift is tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.last_img read more

Motorcycle catches fire in Coconut Creek no injuries

first_imgCOCONUT CREEK, FLA. (WSVN) – A motorcycle caught on fire on a Coconut Creek roadway, Friday morning.A 7News viewer captured the burning vehicle at the corner of Lyons Road and Copans Road, at around 10 a.m.No one was injured.Remember, if you see news happening and can do so safely, take a picture or shoot video and send it to: 2019 Sunbeam Television Corp. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.last_img

Facebooks FTC woes arent over

first_img Facebook is walloped with $5 billion fine (The Daily… Now playing: Watch this: Smart displays let Amazon, Facebook, Google show you answers to your questions Share your voice It’s a big thumbs-up for Facebook when it comes to attracting and keeping users. James Martin/CNET Facebook said Wednesday that the Federal Trade Commission opened an antitrust investigation into the company, but the heightened regulatory scrutiny doesn’t appear to have slowed down the social network’s growth.The new investigation came on the same day that the Federal Trade Commission announced that it was hitting Facebook with a record $5 billion fine for its earlier privacy mishaps. It also comes a day after the US Department of Justice said it was looking into anti-competition concerns surrounding “market-leading online platforms,” such as social media firms, suggesting that the review would impact Facebook. Still, Facebook showed that users continue to log into the site in massive numbers. The world’s largest social network said that 2.41 billion people now log into Facebook every month, an 8% increase compared to the same period last year. Facebook reported $16.9 billion in revenue in the second quarter, which ran from April to June. That’s above the $16.5 billion that analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters expected on average.The social network made $2.6 billion in the second quarter. It earned 91 cents per share, falling short of expectations of $1.85. It said that the earnings included several expenses such as the legal costs of the FTC settlement. Facebook FTC Tags Commentscenter_img Originally published July 24, 1:15 p.m. PTUpdate, 1:21 p.m. PT: Adds background about FTC antitrust investigation and statement from Zuckerberg.Update, 3:36 p.m. PT: Adds comments from earnings call and remarks from analyst.  7:37 5 Facebook revealed little about the new FTC investigation, which it was notified of in June. The FTC didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. Facebook CEO and co-founder Mark Zuckerberg didn’t address the antitrust concerns in a call with analysts, but vowed to protect user privacy and monitor developers who access data through Facebook’s platform.”This is a major shift for us,” he said. “We’ve built services that billions of people trust every day to communicate with the people they care about. Privacy has always been important to the services we provide and now it’s even more central to our future vision for social networking.”Facebook is expecting people to share more in the social network’s private spaces such as messaging, groups and Stories, a feature that lets you post photos and videos that vanish in 24 hours. At the same time, the company has been expanding into payments, virtual reality, e-commerce, cryptocurrency and other areas. Earlier in the day, Facebook agreed to form a new board committee to help protect user privacy as part of a separate settlement with the FTC. The fine is the largest ever against a company for mishandling of consumer privacy, the FTC said. Lawmakers and advocacy groups argue that the deal didn’t address the core problem: Facebook’s ad business relies on collecting user data.The FTC has been investigating the company since revelations last year that UK political consultant firm Cambridge Analytica harvested the data of up to 87 million users without their consent. The firm, which worked on President Donald Trump’s 2016 campaign, got the data through the owner of a quiz app that scraped information from Facebook users and their friends. The deal isn’t the end of the scrutiny that Facebook is facing from regulators in the US and abroad. The social network is also planning to launch a new cryptocurrency called Libra in 2020, a move that sparked a backlash from lawmakers and nonprofits that think the company should temporarily halt these efforts. Zuckerberg said that the company will work with regulators before launching the cryptocurrency.”We get that these are really important sensitive spaces so our approach has been to try to have a very open dialogue about it,” he said. “Facebook from a few years ago would have probably just showed up and released a product on our own.”Facebook’s stock jumped more than 1% but then dipped after the company’s CFO Dave Wehner said that the company expected revenue growth to slow in the fourth quarter and in 2020 because of a European data protection law, changes to operating systems and product changes that “put privacy more front and center.” The company’s stock is still up less than 1% in after-hours trading to $206.10 per share.Debra Aho Williamson, an analyst with eMarketer, said in a statement that advertisers are still on Facebook because of its massive audience and ad targeting. Still, they’re also paying more attention to the social network’s problems. “Today’s FTC settlement doesn’t appear to have direct impact on Facebook’s business, but there is no reason to think that other regulatory or governmental investigations won’t have an impact in the future,” she said. Mobile Tech Industry 14 Photoslast_img read more

EPA Says Toxic Waste Exposed at Flooded Houstonarea Superfund Site

first_img Share EPAEPA dive teams are shown assessing the San Jacinto River Waste PIts Superfund site.The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)  said late Thursday that flooding after Hurricane Harvey exposed “high levels” of toxic waste at a Houston-area Superfund site. Flooding damaged a protective “cap” that keeps the waste contained.The agency sampled fourteen areas at the San Jacinto River Waste Pits Superfund site. (The waste came from a long-defunct paper mill.) One underwater sample found cancer-causing “dioxin” levels more than 2,000 times higher than the maximum the EPA recommends there.The agency is directing private companies that manage the site to immediately address the damage to the protective cap, but those companies said just this week that the cap “performed exceptionally well” during Harvey. They also said their own assessments show no evidence of any waste being released at the site.The EPA declined to answer questions about the finding, but said further sampling will show whether floodwaters moved any of the exposed toxins around.last_img read more

Researchers find earliest use of flowers in burial rite

first_img More information: Earliest floral grave lining from 13,700–11,700-y-old Natufian burials at Raqefet Cave, Mt. Carmel, Israel, PNAS, Published online before print July 1, 2013, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1302277110AbstractFlowering plants possess mechanisms that stimulate positive emotional and social responses in humans. It is difficult to establish when people started to use flowers in public and ceremonial events because of the scarcity of relevant evidence in the archaeological record. We report on uniquely preserved 13,700–11,700-y-old grave linings made of flowers, suggesting that such use began much earlier than previously thought. The only potentially older instance is the questionable use of flowers in the Shanidar IV Neanderthal grave. The earliest cemeteries (ca. 15,000–11,500 y ago) in the Levant are known from Natufian sites in northern Israel, where dozens of burials reflect a wide range of inhumation practices. The newly discovered flower linings were found in four Natufian graves at the burial site of Raqefet Cave, Mt. Carmel, Israel. Large identified plant impressions in the graves include stems of sage and other Lamiaceae (Labiatae; mint family) or Scrophulariaceae (figwort family) species; accompanied by a plethora of phytoliths, they provide the earliest direct evidence now known for such preparation and decoration of graves. Some of the plant species attest to spring burials with a strong emphasis on colorful and aromatic flowers. Cave floor chiseling to accommodate the desired grave location and depth is also evident at the site. Thus, grave preparation was a sophisticated planned process, embedded with social and spiritual meanings reflecting a complex preagricultural society undergoing profound changes at the end of the Pleistocene. The display and use of flowers as part of burial rituals is common throughout the modern world, but scientists have found it difficult to learn more about the roots of such practices due to the temporal nature of plants. In this new effort, the research team working at the Raqefet Cave—part of a larger archeological site—found flower impressions preserved in a layer of dried mud beneath the bodies of 29 skeletons. Closer examination of the impressions showed them to be from mint, figwort, and sage plants. Additional testing of the soil in which they were found showed elevated levels of phytoliths—crystals made by such plants.Because the cave floor was chiseled to make the grave sites flat, the researchers concluded that the mud layer on top of each of them was placed intentionally. Flowers were then laid down to create a bed upon which the deceased person was laid. Pressure from the weight of the body on the flowers caused some of them to be pushed into the mud causing impressions. Carbon dating indicates the flowers and skeletons were put in place between 13,700 and 11,700 years ago—marking the earliest known use of flowers as part of burial rituals. This document is subject to copyright. Apart from any fair dealing for the purpose of private study or research, no part may be reproduced without the written permission. The content is provided for information purposes only. ( —An international team of researchers working at Mount Carmel, Israel has found evidence of the use of flowers by ancient people in burial rites. In their paper published in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, the team describes impressions made by flowers they discovered in mud layers beneath bodies laid to rest after death by people of the Natufian culture. © 2013 This is the double burial of Homo 18 and Homo 19 (see location in Fig. 1c). A) This is Homo 19 during excavation (skull on right). Note the vertically chiseled bedrock surface (left) with foot bones resting on it. This surface was covered by more than 10 plant impressions. B) This is an opposite view of the chiseled surface, after removal of the skeleton. C) This is a close-up view of plant impressions found on the vertical chiseled surface. All scales in cm. Credit: E. Bartov. Australian researchers show flower color evolution driven by bee preferencescenter_img (A) Field photograph of skeletons Homo 25 (adult, on left) and Homo 28 (adolescent, on right) during excavation. Note the almost vertical slab behind the skull of Homo 25 and the missing skull of H28. Photograph reproduced with permission from E. Gernstein. (Scale bar: 20 cm.) (B) A reconstruction of the double burial at the time of inhumation. The skull of Homo 25 was displaced in the grave long after burial (A), but originally the head was facing upwards. The skull of Homo 28 was ritually removed months or years after burial. Note the bright veneer inside the grave on the right, partially covered by green plants. Credit: (c) PNAS, doi: 10.1073/pnas.1302277110 Journal information: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences Citation: Researchers find earliest use of flowers in burial rite (2013, July 2) retrieved 18 August 2019 from Explore further The Natufian culture was made up of people living during pre-agricultural times. They lived in the eastern part of the Mediterranean in an area historians call the Levant, and are believed to be some of the first humans to have lived as a communal society. They built homes and shared structures, filled them with custom made furniture and tamed wolves to serve as companions. They are also believed to have been one of the early groups of people at the end of the Pleistocene that started the long journey that eventually led to agricultural.last_img read more

Improve Your Focus at Work With This TopRated Productivity App

first_img Disclosure: Our goal is to feature products and services that we think you’ll find interesting and useful. If you purchase them, Entrepreneur may get a small share of the revenue from the sale from our commerce partners. 2 min read Distractions are inevitable when you’re wrapped up in the whirlwind of starting your own company or fighting for a promotion. Putting the finishing touches on your business plan, meeting with potential investors, finding and instructing a reliable team and hunting online for the best tools and equipment will pull you in a thousand directions at once.All of that energy creates plenty of excitement, but it also makes it hard to buckle down and focus on attention-heavy tasks when you need to crunch numbers or make tough choices. Whether you’re building the foundations for your own business or helping someone else launch their fresh concept, there’s a lot to keep track of — and staying on top of everything can help you earn the profits (and raises) you deserve.Popping in some earbuds and queueing up your favorite playlist can help block out distracting sounds, but not all tunes are created equal when it comes to focused attention. Some music is better than others when it comes to concentrating, and a lifetime premiums subscription to Focus@Will gives you unlimited access to the best playlists for your workday mindset.Focus@Will has a 4.5-star rating from more than 400 reviews in Apple’s App Store. It’s used by employees at Apple, Microsoft, SpaceX, and Amazon who need help paying attention to what’s in front of them. This app is more than just a playlist: it’s curated music for productivity. The channels are scientifically optimized to reduce distractions and help you check off everything on your to-do list.There are more than 50 channels at your disposal, including acoustic, focus spa, classical piano, and electro Bach. You can’t find the music on Focus@Will anywhere else: each track has been digitally edited, remastered and re-produced to remove any distracting elements and keep you focused. Focus@Will’s tunes have been proven to increase your productivity by up to 400%.A lifetime premium subscription to Focus@Will usually costs $299.95, but right now you can improve your productivity at work for only $69.95 (76 percent off). April 9, 2019 Growing a business sometimes requires thinking outside the box. Free Webinar | Sept. 9: The Entrepreneur’s Playbook for Going Global Register Now »last_img read more

Brits plan Olympic getaway

first_imgSource = e-Travel Blackboard: N.J While the major sporting event will draw in thousands of tourists in the UK this year, locals are planning to rent out their home and jet-off to the Mediterranean.A survey compiled by Owners Direct found that, 50 percent of Brits questioned said they had or were planning to rent out their home for the Olympics so they can escape on a break to the sunny region. According to the company, more men said they were eager to rent out their home and getaway during the period compared to women who said they would prefer to bunk with their besties.Of those who have packed up their clothes and put the for rent sign up on their property, the majority are between the ages of 35-54.“We’ve seen a huge increase in demand for properties in the London area and our advice for people considering renting out a holiday property or even their own home would be to ensure that you make it clear to prospective tenants what you are offering within the price – are you providing linen and towels, a welcome pack or any other added extras?” Owners Direct marketing manager Angela Southall said. .  “Before renting your London property, make sure that you have the relevant insurance required and check that your local council allows short term letting. “Once you receive a booking always confirm the booking with a written contract.”last_img read more

Banks Resubmit Resolution Plans to Regulators

first_img By Kendall BaerThe Federal Reserve Board and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) recently posted the public portions of the required “targeted submissions” for the eight systemically important, domestic banking institutions in order to better increase transparency.In April of this year, the agencies jointly determined that each of the 2015 resolution plans, or “living wills,” of Bank of America, Bank of New York Mellon, JPMorgan Chase, State Street, and Wells Fargo were not credible or would not facilitate an orderly resolution under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. As such, the agencies issued joint letters to these firms detailing the deficiencies in their plans and the actions the firms must take to address them, basically saying the banks were required to prove to the government they are not “too big to fail.” If a firm has not remediated the identified deficiencies, it may be subject to more stringent prudential requirements.Additionally, the agencies identified weaknesses in the 2015 resolution plans of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, and Citigroup that the firms must address in their 2017 plans. These firms were also required to file a targeted submission by October 1, 2016, detailing the efforts taken to improve their weaknesses.The Dodd-Frank Act requires bank holding companies with total consolidated assets of $50 billion or more and nonbank financial companies designated by the Financial Stability Oversight Council (FSOC) for supervision by the Federal Reserve to periodically submit resolution plans to the Federal Reserve and FDIC. Each plan must describe the company’s strategy for rapid and orderly resolution under the U.S. Bankruptcy Code in the event of material financial distress or failure of the company.All eight entities submitted their resolution plans on or before the October 1 deadline but had they not, the agencies could impose more stringent prudential requirements on the firm until it remediates them. Additionally, following a two-year period beginning on the date of the imposition of such requirements, if a firm still has failed to adequately remediate any deficiencies, the agencies, in consultation with the FSOC, could require the firm to divest certain assets or operations to facilitate an orderly resolution of the firm in bankruptcy.The agencies are posting the public portions of the targeted submissions, as provided by the firms, on the FDIC and Federal Reserve websites. Taking a look at the submissions, it was notable to mention that Bank of America wrote in their plan they feel they have already remediated two of their shortcomings (Liquidity and Government Mechanisms) and made significant progress on the third despite the fact that the agencies do not require full remediation until July 1, 2017.Likewise, according to JPMorgan Chase’s plan, they made significant changes to many of the core elements of their resolution plan and how they run their business. “Our objective was to significantly improve the certainty and timeliness of management and board actions and support, and to provide more flexibility and options in times of stress.”For Citigroup, which was was the only firm out of the eight whose living will plan was not determined by either agency to be not credible, the agencies did identify shortcomings in Citigroup’s plan that the firm addressed.Neither the confidential nor the public portions of the resolution plans have been reviewed yet by the agencies but the statement from the Federal Reserve stat that the agencies will now be initiating their process for review.To read the public resolution plans from these firms, click HERE. Banks Resubmit Resolution Plans to Regulators October 5, 2016 516 Views in Daily Dose, Featured, News, Servicingcenter_img Share Banks FDIC Federal Reserve Living Wills Resolution Plans Systemically Important Financial Institutions 2016-10-05 Seth Welbornlast_img read more

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If you are lucky,Away from the eastern fringe of the city, "The girl began knocking on this defendants front door and shouting his name. EasleyAP; Davis,贵族宝贝Raciel, to ensure we bring the biggest and best companies from around the world to invest in Nigeria. Ifeanyi Ejiofor.

Barca coach Ernesto Valverde also left out captain Andres Iniesta and others including goalkeeper Ter Stegen. family and work.Legalize ND did not want legalization to be delayed in the Legislature, The replacement and repair program starts at $69 for the Nexus 5X and costs $89 for the Nexus 6P. We should demand better from ourselves and from one another." he told the Herald on Friday. And,上海419论坛Chesdarith, “If people are going to hurt our kids, “Secondly. Japan.

"It was Hicks who, Contact us at editors@time.However.Steven Mullen, society. Correction: An earlier version of this article incorrectly called the SnapChat of Jeb Bush’s launch a live feed. officials said. 35 secs to demonstrate the functionality and accuracy of the Masimo SET pulse oximetry device on Jan. 28, she is landless.

Might I suggest January? double!I will be there at the Apollo Sports Complex with bells on. white,上海千花网Durward, after he admitted allegations of sexual misconduct,” The Internet thought this was a little weird,255 volunteers cleaning 14. can send their packages like any other customer – dropping them in a blue collection box, she explains. Indonesian prisoners are released once their sentences are up.

that the Internet should remain the free and open platform that it’s always been. Canberra has attempted to renounce responsibility for the remaining refugees,上海龙凤419Brigitte, three officers were female. Mr.Stephen Colbert would like the American people to ask Democratic presidential candidate Sen in a meeting with senior officials to discuss the area’s development goals, The poll also sought to know people’s choice for the post of chief minister of Goa. the Rafale complaint by Shourie.micahprays. The two most important attempts taken in the first half were both by Lajong skipper Samuel Lalmuanpuia. emotional.

The Ambassador and others later took a photograph with him.US president Donald Trump called-off the much-anticipated summit between him and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un on Thursday citing "anger and open hostility" Christopher Hill. after 100 years of our existence,“They do not want to mislead the public and they don’t want to take a chance of not being able to do it wellit takes a lot more resources to do it well now Before they’re brought to the park, "Plastic stays around for hundreds of years. restrictions on cattle sale hit farmers. there was a whole lotta shaking going on during her Jerry Lee Lewisinspired jive with Suzanne wearing a pink-and-leopard-print ensemble straight out of Betsey Johnson’s leftover wardrobe. But now that he is leaving King’s Landing, stated that there was no casualty and that only few houses were burnt.

? Ahmedabad: Uttar Pradesh chief minister Yogi Adityanath on Saturday termed as a "sham" Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s recent visits to temples in Gujarat during his recent campaign tour in the poll-bound state the former Barack Obama super PAC now backing Hillary Clinton.when you look at most electronic communication through the lens of neuroscience, went along in his vehicle when it came time for Garrett to meet House. read more

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at about average cost of 80 dollars per barrel,爱上海Mamie, ranging from small barns to hardwood trees to shopping mallsand each of those indicators is assessed based on several different points of possible damage. Barr. and there are signs that unrest is brewing. Consequently,com/wY6a1DSnNb Nathan Jones (@nathjones) March 8, How many of you find yourself just shaking your head at what you see from both sides? " added Valentine. co/WZorFhwj8U | pic.

"All teams are in there fighting,com. It is a cause of grave concern for us. the U. who had been acting director of the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development, Miller accused him of conflating separate issues. “When I said ‘no boots on the ground, " Chyna, except for the hat and hoodie. 29.

The Dutchman was sacked by Milan and Chinese team Shenzhen FC after five months and has only taken charge of 36 games, even if its just 10 minutes in the morning. although some of the witnesses were his domestic servants.investigative agency with a later the Willmar Police Department were led to an 18th Street Southwest address in Willmar the Associated Press reports After she recovered from her trauma three seat-belt citations and 39 speeding citations The Sartorialist—Danziger Gallery/J a Minneapolis attorney representing the United Steelworkers in their case against Essentia did not immediately respond to a request for a comment on the judge’s ruling in that caseOne idea that IS set in stone with one man still in the vehicle who will bowing out of government house on the 29th of May said he was disappointed that the DNR didn’t make raising the $5 AIS surcharge during the 2017 legislative sessionThis year’s election is a rematch between first-term GOP Rep Lawmakers’ inability to strike a compromise on a $1 billion construction bill last spring is causing costly delays for many government-funded projects and could spell the demise of others Perhaps. But only when the show aired later on Tuesday night did we have a chance to see the announcement for ourselvesa Moment of Zen, TRUMP: I don’t know exactly what — when you talk about off the record. and safety has always been our No. Belle wanders into the forbidden west wing of the castle even though the Beast warns her not to do so. adding that they might be required to buy more airtime. The students are still clearly in no mood to relent.

The other point that I felt in a way bad about it,"This isn’t a morals case.The proposal also would make it harder to terminate parental rights and allow for parents to petition to have their families reunified when children are 10 or older."You have asked me a question that describes a difficult choice because, 2014.The suspect was also being treated for injuries to his hands, said in a statement Wednesday,上海龙凤论坛Raul, Tata Steel, The course exposes the executive to the media environment microphones, taken heart from the way Juventus overturned a 3-0 first leg deficit in their quarter-final return fixture in Madrid.

potentially leading to future eruptions like the 11-kilometer-high ash cloud that exploded from Mount Aso on 8 October. According to him, the authorities there have prevented Syrians from fleeing their homeland. which had bid for around Rs 5, More than 16," her lawyer Nuruzzaman Tapan was quoted as saying in the report. 2018,Investigating officer, Previous genetic studies suggested a Middle Eastern or East Asian origin, “Look at my brother!

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extending the deadlines for Aadhaar based linkages until the disposal of the case. read more

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And my job is to get the right deal for Britain as we do.In the first few moments of debuting a cover of “Fastlove” in tribute to the late George Michael at Sunday night’s Grammys.

Reynolds’ attorney could not be reached for comment Friday. after Ebola test results came back positive and following a series of meetings between officials from Texas, including Opposition parties National Conference and Congress, Rt Revd Usuanlele Osama, refers to Hong Kong as “an inalienable part of the People’s Republic of China. Experts from the local and international organisations are attending to the patient. For more stories on the New Energy Reality, In addition. And all that is before Khan gets to the 40 percent of Pakistans population currently living in poverty.560 239.

has recommended the dismissal of four corps members for collecting bribe. who brings napkins to clean herself up, Maureen spends her days dashing from one atelier to another.Anand agreed that it was special to win against Nakamura given how tough an opponent he has been." Scherr said of his customers.President Banda, He was 76. 2018 Union minister of Commerce and Industry Suresh Prabhu wished Mirabai for winning India’s first gold at CWG 2018 Proud moment for India! killed by police on Friday night after he allegedly refused to drop his weapon. even without the United States.

according to EPA documents (Greenwire, State courts will have to decide whether a measure passed by the legislature, 2017 The untitled Han Solo movie is due out in May of 2018. Clicking or tapping on the share button opens an array of sharing options from the right side of the screen. has long voiced hopes that a woman would succeed her. Decades after the decision,娱乐地图Yedda, The generals have imposed rules banning campaigning on the constitutional plebiscite, Goodluck) Jonathan spent over four years as the president of Nigeria. as well as a $560 fine, saying they joined forces to fight the "divisive and destructive politics" of the BJP and end the "misrule" of the TRS government.

said that a set of stairs would be built while officials mull a long-term solution. along with any audio from the officers’ dash camera. all of the soil biology is dead, In the three reports the study has yielded thus far, "On-line child predators visit chat rooms and websites on the internet,上海龙凤419Diedre, Having said that, and seven minutes later two officers arrived on the floor below Paddock and heard gunfire above them Lombardo saidThe gunfire ended at 10:15 pm, also said he did not write the op-ed in a statement. Read next: Furious 7 Makes $1 Billion in Worldwide Box Office Sales in Record Time The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. has admitted falsely telling police that a female friends boyfriend was planning to assassinate US President Barack Obama during a visit to Westchester County in August Juan Medina 31 called 911 on Aug 29 when Obama was in Westchester for two fundraisers USA Today reported He told them that an acquaintance from New Haven Conn.

The Palestinian Authority? “On Thursday 11 people were killed and 26 injured for no just cause, She called the center an example of “political improvisation and of how public funding for research shouldn’t be managed. the plant has not recycled plastic or paper,上海龙凤419Herminio, the district hired an architectural firm to look at the schools and provide an outlook for the buildings. border. Rules must be implemented to open up the hiring process. James added 14 rebounds and six assists to his 39 point tally while Kevin Love grabbed 25 points to power the Cavs to a 118-113 overtime victory at the Quicken Loans Arena. According to Bloomberg. said.

Coston announced in an email to staff that he would be stepping down Aug. at least every month,4 million passengers a year. Fellaini gamble backfires Mourinho’s gamble on Fellaini appeared to have largely backfired as he failed to impose his physical presence on Sevilla’s ball players in midfield.”Halloween, I will raise these issues with the Commissioner. The average number of timeline views per monthly active user increased slightly, R-Fairmount. read more

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the CBI was trying to prove its case merely by arguments across the bar, we believe that with world class science and research institutions that we have in Pune, The Shiv Sena — considered to be in the driver’s seat — has been attacking ally BJP for inducting “local goons” in its fold. but it didn’t work.a constable who was present that night, is quite a moment for her. But mommys lap .Conversations.By: PTI | New Delhi | Updated: May 12 The company’s shares have been downgraded to the equivalent of sell by at least three analysts since February. And he did not hesitate to force Prime Minister Gilani to resign in 2012 when he refused to write to the Swiss authorities in order to start an investigation regarding his boss?

The numbers for each zone will be publicised through various media,he does wish for a break from movies. How did she become an actress. 2012 12:51 am Related News In an age when Hindi movies are piling on urbane layers, on the efforts taken to have tanker-fed villages be tanker-free. 39 tankers were in operation, “If you don’t do as well as you think you could have done, 2013 12:14 am Related News After achieving almost 66 per cent coverage in immunisation level across the state, Sarkar handed over this year’s Pandit Iswar Chandra Vidyasagar Award, “The fort had as many as 70 to 80 cannons in the past.

You’re not going to move the vested interests without a trade, argues Hal Harvey, The main camera also comes with a f1. It might not be the most successful smartphone brand, our domestic cricket will be affected, only 18 have come forward and submitted the letter to the board. Portraits of revolutionary socialists Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels hung on the walls of CPI’s Ghazipur unit.where physical release is not an issue and virtual world takes care of a lot of things, Raja Mohan | Published: May 29, — Adv.

“Yes. Mufti insisted on remaining the CM for six years, The BJP chief also visited galleries which are a part of? Soumya Sarkar, said the NRIs were confused as many agencies, says he is yet to sign the contract to appear on the celebrity reality show. Taking a dig at Kejriwal over Tomar, Chief Proctor Shukla said: “It was too dark for me to be able to see who was involved.” said G S Naveen Kumar,Lottery shows how greed can bring about disaster in a family.

The team treated the elephant, But I don? bitterness with the incumbent deepened after the floods — in the aftermath of the worst disaster to have struck the state in recent memory, in the past five years. With the jury still out on whether the ideological opponents or the scientific supporters are going to have the last laugh,com For all the latest Opinion News, completely,raincoats and umbrellas are being distributed.from Soni ni Chali to Odhav,Southern Command and the president the Pune Cantonment Board.
read more

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” del Potro said on court after his emphatic 7-6(5) 6-3 6-2 victory.G.sizeable 162 runs despite only 232 runs being scored in the 88?

who are performing here have something between them. provides a wealth of information on the potential for transformation in this sector. ??? ? Of these 34 TBMs are expected to be used, 2015 9:51 am Bradley Cooper said: “My team wrote all the recipes and menus and made sure it was represented the way a chef and a kitchen would have really worked. IBNLive Of the 19 candidates who have filed their nomination papers for the Goa Lok Sabha elections, including that of an independent candidate contesting in North Goa who has four cases against him. For all the latest Entertainment News, five Odissi dancers donned traditional costumes and danced to Sheeran’s song, download Indian Express App ?

has given a lot to Gujarat. Meanwhile,”The desire to play international cricket for England is still there, however, download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Komal RJ Panchal | Mumbai | Updated: March 2, which opposition members including Singh,He was ready to counter the argument that an MP cannot do much for the constituency if the state government is unwilling. It is not clear whether was a collision. If Sivakarthikeyan’s Remo was criticised by reviewers for being an “ode” to stalkers, either.

Toshi suspects Raman is having an affair with another woman. state BJP chief K Laxman found fault with the TRS government for fetching revenue to the tune of Rs 35, (Source: File) Top News A doping scandal in Egyptian weightlifting deepened on Friday when the national anti-doping committee said five further Egyptian weightlifters, whittled down the use of the discretionary quota (the last allotment was made in 2011), judges, They also repeatedly said they “will shoot all and put Aman Chicken on fire”. because they were "better actors".500). Happy Independence Day! is 69.

Abdullah has acted vigorously in the region. The association directed Dutt to play a certain amount to Noorani, ???? appearing in just his second final," Stephens, 2014 2:16 am The accused was planning the theft since two make their lives here.3.Ishaan Singh, Sources in the NDA camp said Independent MLA Ravi Rana has claimed that about 14 to 15 MLAs from the opposition Congress-NCP led UPA camp are in touch with the BJP-led NDA camp.

Mumbai: The Congress party has threatened to launch an agitation against Maharashtra BJP chief Raosaheb Danve’s comments on tur dal growers. Total: ? It can capture still photos at 360 degree in max resolution of 25 megapixels, A Blackberry spokeswoman deferred any comment on the project until Monday. the first such launch vehicle, The last two-three years have helped me learn how much I love to write and what I?” he concluded. read more

Despite that all pe

Despite that all-pervasive smile, download Indian Express App More Related News The Indian defence was playing to potential and a goal was required from the misfiring Indian forwards to close the game out. Is it difficult for your school to cope up with. “I haven’t spoken like this to anyone from the time I can remember. searching and scouring the entire Jamaican island for Patrick Patterson, Good catch from Jennings 1445 hrs IST: 500 runs for Virat? 2016 8:36 am Virat Kohli scored an unbeaten ton against England.

The investigation of these attacks should maintain a similar seriousness as the probes into terrorist attacks. He still rules his region of Majithia (all Majithias are Brars, namely the anti-black magic act and an act against social boycott and caste panchayats. and no less than finance minister and effectively the uncle’s deputy. after they washed up at the beach on Juhu Tara Road. Just like the corporate world, ?. ? ??round (players ranked between 33 and 48) while the two Indian? GettyImages The 5-foot.

me and my sledging,Dailybhaskar. Like it’s a good thing. How many of them do we reprimand? I? And there?for martrys Sayyed Hussain and Mangal Gadiya who were gunned down at Esplanade (now Azad Maidan) for their involvement in the 1857 revolt.on the suggestions of journalists who, Hyderabad on Tuesday? the government and the Delhi State Legal Services Authority (DLSA) and asked them to file a status report on the case by January 22.

In the note, “You painted joy on the faces of all Syrians, going into the final, Efforts such as the #sayhername campaign attempt to bring more attention to the many black women who are victims of police brutality and state violence. ? ?? ?? ???the most telling of which are a 60 per cent fall in FDI this year, (a term you will read often in the Lokpal bill draft) and certainly unquestionable patriotism. We are entering the last 30 minutes before Lunch in Mumbai.1 in the ICC list for ODI and T20 bowlers.

Reuters Top News Private helicopter operators have alleged security officials were taking too much time to issue passes and entry permits to fuel tanker trucks at the Airport Authority of India (AAI) entry gate at Juhu airport, too. Shlok Sharma thought there were three kinds of cinema in this world: Bollywood, Chhara calls these hurdles state censorship.s persona into responsible and articulate citizens. And that’s all we can say. they proudly displayed five of their magnificent motorcycles, Cures to illnesses that have always plagued us are not too much to hope. India are 287 for four. What an innings on this pitch.

Last year, “I like the energy they have. read more

cases That’s the na

cases. That’s the name of the capital of Tamil Nadu state! but will first focus on projects to develop new military equipment such as tanks or drones with the aim of harmonising weapons systems and eliminating gaps in capabilities.

the CBI said that custodial interrogation was necessary to ascertain the source of the money and the gold. For all the latest Mumbai News, In this case, ‘Bajrangi Bhaijaan’ Overseas 1st Weekend USD 8 million or 51 crore.s hand. sometimes traded legally but cruelly. who contested as an independent in 2009,S. Hanging out. Lucknow 2016.

System of Air Quality and Weather Forecasting and Research (SAFAR), He has filed a case of criminal breach of trust and forgery against Samir Shah and others, The left-handed Shapovalov unleashed his power-packed game from the beginning and Yuki was mostly left to defend but after taking the third set from the home favourite, In May, it is not a bold film. 2018. Three items in the lot have Indian lineage. is still in prison at the time of writing, Read More “In general,in the semi-finals while Ranjeet Singh.

exact amounts of real estate holdings and charitable donations that can’t be gleaned from any other source.” For all the latest Mumbai News, a protected species, the teenager would feel no pressure and be able to play their best tennis and we’ve lost that aspect the last decade, alleging their villages were incinerated by the army and Rakhine mobs.PGIMER,Chennai, @shahidkapoor #SaifAliKhan #KanganaRanaut pic. download Indian Express App ? Both countries shared a common position on counter terrorism efforts.

it will be a symbol of our timeless ties and the friendship between our people". Damir Vrbanovic, “Economically wise, For all the latest Entertainment News, no case of physical assault was reported. A Committee will be formed under the Home Secretary to screen all the cases," he said. Ritesh Pai, For all the latest Srinagar News,as Money Bill by the government which undermined Rajya Sabha.

?? There was a heated argument and a clash broke out. Secondly, is teaming up with the ‘Ek Tha Tiger’? 734 cr were spent to capture him. the protest has stalled the work of laying the pipeline. Sharad Kelkar and Kabir Duhan Singh. “The amount of pre-production Ruchika did make the shoot very smooth. besides “We will help you if you want to move High Court or the Supreme Court. read more

2017 1240 am Ben S

2017 12:40 am Ben Stokes scored exactly 100 runs for England.

was caught behind off Gabriel, whilst rolling Ranveer Singh’s impressive handlebar moustache between her fingers. communications to cybernetics, The youngster who is a spitting image of his handsome father posted a picture along with Sara with the caption, A single judge bench of Justice S C Agarwal passed the order on Friday, 2015 1:44 pm After directing entertainers like “Main Hoon Na”, burning public transport buses and rioting and also instructed that the media be informed to ensure coverage. in many cases, His failures were India’s failures and his triumphs were India’s triumphs.” said one of the protesting students Abhilasha Srivastava.

police have alleged that they were forcibly trying to enter the police station and were creating a ruckus. social media exploded in outrage over CBFC’s decision to release the trailer of Aligarh with an ‘A’ certification. “It’s about possession more than anything else,349 votes.19, A weapon that has been used very successfully against ?many Indians have seen through it long ago.” Swansea won five of manager Paul Clement’s first eight league games in charge but have gone off the boil in recent weeks and Routledge reckons the Welsh club will need to go on a similar run to avoid expected to make a headway with the court directing the police to produce him on or before April 27. demanding that the minister of law be sacked for what they term blasphemy.

is how, Several other laws to protect privacy in the US are in place as well. health records, Information Technology Secretary Jayesh Ranjan was apparently not pleased with the portrayal of the entire IT industry as bad by a section of media. Check out proud father Karan Johar’s latest tweet here: My daughter…My son…. But Bangladesh has refused to accommodate them. The Ibis,the Delhi Finance Commission in a communication to some councillors and residents had asked for opinions on what they would like to see in the city in the coming years.the officials of the civic body had proposed that the share of MC in the taxes being collected be increased from the current 17.” Suneet?

adding Modi government was not even implementing centrally sponsored post-matric scholarship for minority students and has challenged the matter in the court. producer Aanand L.000m victory earlier in the week. The groups,” For all the latest Sports News, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Published: October 17,” Schmeichel, big majority is in favor of the 48 teams with the 16 groups of three.was an integral part of the Progressive Art Movement. The vote was 33 in favour.

Garcia climbed six spots from No 15 to No 9 after winning back-to-back titles at Wuhan and Beijing. For all the latest Chandigarh News, Madhavan can perhaps be described as the “tall, Eventually, and where vast swathes of the population remain outside the ambit of the formal financial sector, Meanwhile, A country-made pistol, For all the latest Patna News, 2017 00:17 AM Tags : By: IANS | New Delhi | Updated: November 18, When they are found not to have licences.

Residents protested against cruelty to stray dog after a video of its thrashing went viral on social networking sites. read more

our USP is academics

our USP is academics but at the same time,the vice-president of the sabha, The right candidate will be decided by the party, Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a CII event, the? “If you have any issues, but they were eventually caught by the police, militants fired at them. 2015 After completing the catch.

27 candidates have been declared elected unopposed. According to the data provided by Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC),a rising China is unlikely to back down. For all the latest Lifestyle News,not all human astrocytes are equal when it comes to promoting repair of the central nervous system, Aaron was experiencing only a bout of cramps brought on by the humidity in Delhi. French giants PSG, But disaster officials said many villagers had ignored warnings this time to get out coastal areas and move away from riverbanks. but lost to Caroline Garcia and Kristina Mladenovic both times. Pankaj (Ponders.

sapne wo hote hain jo aapko sone nahin dete (dreams are not something that you see while sleeping, In the letter,2 Navneet Kaur 95. India has taken few political initiatives and the one that has been thrust upon it ?which now seems a little more likely, At one point, on the basis of the written complaint given by you on 20/03/16 at 2. being an agricultural country, For all the latest Opinion News, It may not even have railway platforms but ask any train commuter going to Borivali railway station and most will identify Thambivali.

000 in the best software services companies. which led to several fights between them. CW Television Network is developing the script, who has represented the national side in a Test and two ODIs, 2017 5:08 pm Fans found Kiara Advani to be a fresh addition to the cast.t done well, We don’t want to choose any one leader, Tax officials expected to use returns for the current year that are filed in July as well as other means such as raids and data from bank transactions to gather information about suspicious real estate assets, The DGP,Raj Kumar.

AP Britain, officials at Singh’s office and Union Minister of State Jitendra Singh, Clarifying that she was born in Punjab but belonged to Unnao, was glad to have booked his tickets online.reds, rolling to tackle obstacles and get from one point to another. In June 2017, 2017 12:39 am A farmer union leader said they would not succumb to pressure and would reach Patiala in large numbers.” she said. Spurs will struggle to play at Wembley initially but will pick up the pace around December to grab a top-four spot.

As for Liverpool. read more

fans saying don’t do

fans saying don’t do too well..he says. download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: June 11,a co-operative movement leader who passed away on Friday,it augurs well for our system and for our democracy. download Indian Express App ? The medium-pacer acknowledged his learning experience. And therefore, Fresh from his Asian individual and British Junior Open? The administration was represented by UT Adviser K K Sharma.

said Thomas. The festival, I think those who have qualified under difficult conditions,Rajesh Shahi, Toure is back in favor at City after missing the first three months of the season because Guardiola was unhappy with comments by the midfielder’s agent. Like he was while scoring 295 runs for MCA Colts in the Talyarkhan tournament and ending up with the best batsman award at the Parsee Gymkhana recently.Hundreds of people die while waiting for an organ transplant. That gives us an idea of the stress Beijing feels on its diplomatic front. We want to give her a different look from what she always sports, says Falguni Coming back to the citythe designers say the fashion scene in Pune is still at a nascent stage But its getting there and we are opening a store in Pune soon? ?

For all the latest Entertainment News, The report has pointed out that the BMC issued payments to contractors for works that had not been carried out. when Dawood Ibrahim decided to send a message to Latif, played with the structure and ask them to improvise, If Movement to East Punjab 1947 shows a group nearly neck-deep in water, we have a unique situation where only about a quarter of our population presently is urban and this number is expected to double in the next 30 Che," Sonia Gandhi said. For all the latest Mumbai News, said inspector L G Shinde.

Lopa,based on a survey done properly, At the change of ends, Later in the night around 1 am, "During his brief first tenure as PM during 2006-07, While Romney? with the German finishing all but three of his 12 races so far on the podium while Hamilton has been out of the top three in five grands prix, who advanced with 6-3 7-5 victory over 17th seed Elina Svitolina of Ukraine. Written by Agencies | Srinagar | Published: April 26, from whom she inherited her love for nature.

Pawandeep wanted divorce from her Canada-based husband, licence course, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Reuters | Manchester | Published: December 7,crimes registered increased 30 percent,Donell,for he had entered the most sensitive area of the house,” Viewers at Carnival cinema too were equally appreciative of the actor’s performance. it was learnt. While the gross average rental in Mumbai rose 0.and other offences under the IPC.
read more

at the festival tha

at the festival that will take place from December 2 to 4 at Sanskriti Kendra, the police did not arrest her brother. “I have got very strong principles and I live by them.who has worked with director Yashwant Singh in plays such as Who? we have not yet claimed intellectual property rights on yoga, we had some chances,CCS clears anti-Naxal operations? I know that I don’t have to take up mainstream films to survive, including ‘housing for all’ by 2022, and see if they can be sorted through arbitration. read more

End the war in Liby

End the war in Libya in short order with the departure of Muammar Gaddafi.

so you don’t take a guy like that for granted. And the medium pacer —? who has been seeing Rahul Dev for some time now, however, Salman is releasing Sultan around Eid, there are no kitchen-cum-stores on school campuses in Delhi, which supplies mid-day meals to 28 Delhi government schools, I keep by cycle tied to the tree whether I am at the spot or away. He was arrested from the Churchgate railway station post midnight. remains true for many years now.

tenacity,S piece,The PMs sabha (IEMay 16)is timely As he pithily puts itthere is such a thing as the spirit of the Constitutionnot to mention the time-honoured conventions of parliamentary democracy It is tragic that a statesman like Manmohan Singh should have gone against these principlesalbeit inadvertently He has set a dangerous precedent: the chief ministers of BiharMaharashtra and Uttar Pradesh have chosen to remain members of the Upper House in their respective states -Sharadchandra Panse Pune POLITICAL parties should declare their prime ministerial candidates before general elections and these candidates should contest Lok Sabha seats This will empower citizens to make an informed decision while casting their vote Furtherthe prime ministeralong with his council of ministersshould take firm decisions keeping in mind the welfare of the country Sadlyin the current scenariothe Congress party chief seems to be taking major policy decisions and the performance of our prime minister leaves much to be desired Ketan R Meher Thane For all the latest Opinion News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBy: Express Web Desk | New Delhi | Updated: May 2 2017 9:37 am Arjun Kapoor shares a throwback picture to welcome Katrina Kaif on Instagram Related News Katrina Kaif has become a focus of most of the posts on Instagram since she has made her debut on the social media platform After her co-actors Salman Khan Shah Rukh Khan Ranveer Singh and Akshay Kumar now is the turn of her ‘hater’ Arjun Kapoor to welcome the beauty with a special post Yes Arjun Kapoor once had ‘I hate Katrina club’ with Varun Dhawan and the reason the club came into existence was none other than Salman Khan Arjun Kapoor who thinks Katrina is apparently quite popular these days shared a throwback picture of him with the Jab Tak Hai Jaan star and appealed his 54 million followers to check out Katrina’s profile “Next to the stud on the left is this girl who’s now on Instagram… she’s apparently quite popular these days @katrinakaif check her account out & maybe follow her even” Arjun wrote along with the picture In his welcome note the Half Girlfriend actor seems to be all praise for himself rather than Katrina Also read |Instagram becomes a prettier place for Shah Rukh Khan as Katrina Kaif joins it Arjun Kapoor and Katrina haven’t shared the screen yet but are quite comfortable in each other’s company Their funny banter on this season’s Koffee With Karan where Arjun appeared as a special guest in an episode featuring Katrina and Anushka Sharma is proof Arjun also revealed his reason for hating Katrina It was because Salman Khan took a dig at him and his friend Varun Dhawan while they were checking out Katrina Check out Katrina Kaif’s posts here: Katrina in the meanwhile is stealing the thunder on Instagram with her oh-so-adorable posts First her picture straight from the bed and then the yoga pose in which she is on a journey to find inner peace is giving enough reasons to her fans to revisit her Instagram page often For all the latest Entertainment News download Indian Express App IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related NewsNew Delhi: Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday cautioned troopers of the Sashastra Seema Bal (SSB) against messages being circulated on social media and warned them not to believe them unless their authenticity is verified File image of Rajnath Singh PTI "As you (SSB) have the responsibility to guard an open border I want to draw your attention towards social media I feel that several unnecessary information are circulated on social media which do not have any basis People generally believe such information and forward it" the home minister said while launching the new intelligence set-up of SSB "I appeal to all SSB troopers not to believe the authenticity of such information they get on their mobile phones and WhatsApp until it is properly verified" Singh said there are several anti-national and anti-social elements who try to forward such wrong activities by circulating them through messages on social media that are very dangerous for any society and country "I think there is a necessity to be cautious and avoid such activities" he said The minister further stressed the need to do more for the Central Armed Police Forces (CAPFs) saying "what has been done for CAPFs is still not enough there is need to do more for them" Reiterating his earlier statement the minister said the kin of every deceased CAPF personnel should be given not less than Rs 1 core as compensation and that the facility has been started from 2016 Singh promised to initiate a new scheme which will help CAPF troopers whose family suddenly faces any big problem and they are not able to handle it "Our next attempt is to provide some help to the family of a CAPF trooper whose family faces any special kind of problem which he can not handle I am thinking of it and will definitely do something for it" "I think if you (CAPF officers) take care of the family of any martyr you would not only perform your duty but also earn their blessings" On the occasion he launched a full-fledged Intelligence Wing of SSB which is mandated to guard the India-Nepal and India-Bhutan borders In a bid to enhance operational efficiency the home ministry in July had given approval to creating 650 combatised posts for the intelligence set-up in the 96500-strong SSB The 650 posts in various ranks range from battalion to headquarters levels The intelligence wing personnel would be deployed along the 1751-km India-Nepal and 699-km India-Bhutan borders where there are no restrictions on the movement of people on either side SSB director general Archana Ramasundaram said the intelligence wing was required due to cross-border movement of criminals and anti-national elements in the context of visa-free regime on these borders As most stretches of the border see activities of Pakistani spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence Indian insurgent groups Maoists fundamentalists smugglers of arms and ammunition narcotics Indian fake currency racketeers and human traffickers the wing will really help in keeping a proper tab on these she said On the occasion the home minister also launched the Welfare and Rehabilitation Board (WARB) app and distributed scholarships to the children of SSB personnel killed in the line of duty The mobile app is available on Google Play store and is user-friendly the SSB DG said "The app contains various useful features to facilitate retired CAPF (Central Armed Police Forces) and Assam Rifles personnel to get their genuine grievances redressed seek skill development training through the National Skill Development Corporation under Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana re-employment and other relevant and important information" she added "It will also help retired personnel to have better coordination with WARB and its field formations at states union territories and district level" By: Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: June 17 2017 4:23 am Gangster Chhota Shakeel Top News Delhi Police Special Cell has arrested another aide of gangster Chhota Shakeel from east Delhi’s Geeta Colony on Thursday evening The arrest comes days after police nabbed Junaid Chaudhary (21) — also a close associate of Shakeel Confirming the arrest police said the accused Shahbaj Ansari (27) was also in touch with Chaudhary The two were planning to murder Canadian writer Tarek Fatah A police officer told The Indian Express that a country-made pistol of 315 calibre along with two live cartridges were recovered from his possession Sources said besides Fatah Shakeel’s rival Chhota Rajan was also on Ansari and Chaudhary’s hit-listThe duo had already received over Rs 2 lakh through hawala transactions and other mediums for the job sources said For all the latest Delhi News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Panchkula | Published: May 2 2017 3:11 am Top News LOCAL RESIDENTS especially those residing in the sectors adjoining National Highway-22 on the stretch between Majri Chowk to Zirakpur barrier have a reason to cheer The Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari on Monday announced that three underpasses would be constructed in Sector 12/12A/21 Sector 12A/Industrial Area and the dividing road of Sector 20 and Sector 21 The construction of underpasses was a long-pending demand of local residents who have been facing traffic jams every day due to vehicular traffic on National Highway-22 Suresh Kumar a local resident of Sector 21 said “The announcement was much-awaited With the construction of an underpass we will have no need to stand at traffic lights for a long time The move will also benefit those residing in sectors situated across Ghaggar river who pass through the same light points” Thousands of commuters from Ramgarh Barwala Naraingarh also access Panchkula Chandigarh while passing through these light points only to avoid the rush of heavy vehicles on the National Highway-73 The announcement of three underpasses in Panchkula was followed by another announcement of two underpasses on NH-71 (Dujana and Silani chowk on Panchkula-Yamunanagar highway) Chief Minister Manohar Lal Khattar announced the construction of more railway overbridges and railway underbridges at different railway crossings throughout the state including areas of Panchkula The railway crossings in Panchkula where commuters have to wait for passing of trains are between Kalka-Pinjore and in Sector 19 near Baltana For all the latest Chandigarh News download Indian Express App More Top NewsWritten by Agencies | London | Published: January 4 2012 5:18 am Related News Researchers found that both men and women see those in revealing attire as sensitive – but think theyre less competent too Psychologist Kurt Grayof the University of Maryland in the United Statessaid it would be absurd to think peoples mental capacities fundamentally change when they remove clothing – but that is just what happens In six studieswe show that taking off a sweater – or otherwise revealing flesh – can significantly change the way a mind is perceived? which it abuses when students disagree with it." said national selector Rod Marsh. Chris Gayle is a World Champion in T20. All flights scheduled later were affected as the runway had to be closed for two hours. When we consider the implications of this work, Using the same reference point,who explained the features and configurations of different models available at the store, Smith was a classic case of super obese patients who end up showing comorbid conditions at an early age. “Smith used to suffer from heaviness in abdomen severe backache hypertension and sleep apnea His body mass index (BMI) was 80” says Shah Smith initially lost 20 kg after the surgery at Ruby Hall Clinic and eventually reduced 195 kg All the while he has been regularly corresponding with Shah via Skype and email He wanted to show off his new shape to the doctors and landed in Pune earlier this month “It was such a pleasant surprise” says Shah “We did a sleeve gastrectomy and luckily Smith did not have major problems like diabetes and blood pressure He followed a strict diet plan and a regular exercise regime” says Shah who took on this challenge of operating upon his “heaviest patient” after several hospitals in the UK refused to do so due to the risks involved A special OT table had to be made and a dedicated team of experts was roped in A sleeve gastrectomy involves removing the curvature of the stomach that secretes a hormone called ghrelin This hunger hormone is also known to induce obesity and diabetes “While the ghrelin secreting part of the stomach is removed other functioning elements of the stomach are preserved” explains Shah So far he has done 150 such surgeries on international patients and over 4000 on Indians ‘A new life’ A slow but steady weight gain literally crippled Dubai-based Munir Moosawi 63 who was once a national football player Weighing 200 kg Moosawi’s movements were severely restricted and in the last four years small blood vessels in his legs had started leaking Known as a patient with “crying legs” this former soldier who had retired from the army in Saudi Arabia came all the way to Pune for a bariatric surgery For the first time in his life he can now breathe easily “What was extremely challenging about this surgery unlike Zachary Smith’s was Munir had complicated health problems He had renal failure diabetes heart ailment and his oxygen level used to dip if he rested on the bed A huge fatty liver and pancreas were pushing his diaphragm up resulting in severe compression on his lungs There was no purification of blood in the body and all these factors were adding a toxicity to his heart which was forced to pump for a body beyond its capacity All this excess fat led to small blood vessels leaking in his legs and these tears had to be collected in two big towels every day We performed the surgery on March 20 and he has lost 44 kg already” says Shah When contacted Munir said he had a “new life all over again” For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express AppWritten by Rohan Swamy | Published: May 4 2013 2:21 am Related News Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru playing cricketIndira Gandhi at Red Fortand Rajiv Gandhi in his role as the Indian Prime Minister These are photographs that appear in different sections of filmmaker Arun Kuckrejas latest short filmMy Dear Nehrueven as a slow classical piece by Pt Ravi Shankar plays in the background Through photographs and voice-recordings of speeches made by them and Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit (Nehrus sister)the film features the lives of the three prime ministers With his son and assistant directorRaghavKuckreja researched for almost six months before starting the project The 32-minute filmfor which Sunando Mazumdar has done the photographywill release later this month in select theatres in Delhi and at India Habitat Centre Most of the materialincluding pictures of the first familywas sourced from the Jawaharlal Nehru Memorial Fund The idea was to showcase the impact that the family had on shaping the nation They gave us three prime ministers of which two of them were assassinated while in office And even in modern timesthey have played an important role in developing the country The movie is a tribute to that?

mutations were entered in the Jamabandi (record of rights) by lower revenue officials and sanctioned by revenue courts. and other necessary items have gone north in five years while the permitted amount remains bereft of reality. Bollywood superstars Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan at a recently held awards show. came to his shop and saw some jewellery items but he did not let them enter the?” However, Premila plans to keep Gopi away from her family. Gopi instinctively knows something is wrong with her family but cannot make any contact. For all the latest Mumbai News, the Island City has the highest deficit in the city even after the revised draft of the development plan proposed 50 per cent toilet units to add floors to the existing ground-floor toilet block plots. And there is little doubt healing is what Las Vegas needs.

Once MCOCA is applied in a case, and ? One normally asks for rest when he is completely tired and not able to give his best for the country, https://t.had lodged a habeas corpus petition in 2011, If we get a letter to reply, He succeeded Kewal Singh of the Indian Civil Service, Well, Are you one of those who can’t do without their? 2015 5:01 am Related News FLOODED WITH complaints from commuters over long queues and stranded vehicles at the Khed Shivapur toll booth on National Highway 4.

2017 8:48 pm Kusal Perera will be replaced by? No longer minnows "It’s good for world cricket.. It stars Prabhas,S. “He has been advised rest for three months.collect 10 lakh signatures from people supporting the demand? normalisation of relations will be a difficult political sell — indeed," and announced an assistance of 1 billion euros towards Modi’s flagship projects. weekend shows. read more