Human Rights Inquiry Awards Damages

first_imgAn independent board of inquiry has awarded Michael Trask $15,000 in general damages after finding he was discriminated against by Nova Scotia Correctional Services because of his disability. In February, board chair Donald Oliver concluded that there had been a systemic failure in the case and ordered a public interest remedy consisting of extensive human rights training overseen by the Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. Damages were not awarded at that time. “In the Trask case, the award is not for injury to dignity, feelings and self-respect, but for systemic discrimination that affected him in various ways at various times throughout various weeks and months on the job,” said Mr. Oliver. “As with the initial decision, the commission is satisfied with the decision of the board chair,” said Krista Daley, CEO, Nova Scotia Human Rights Commission. “Mr. Oliver understood the nature of the discrimination in this case and the impact that it can have on an individual. “It is not an abstract legal concept. Discrimination affects lives and people should be compensated as appropriate.” The decision can be found at All parties have a right to appeal decisions of boards of inquiry to the Nova Scotia Court of Appeal.last_img read more