Take over the transfer shop entrepreneurs must pay attention to the following six points

now, when the boss, in addition to choose a good project, shop address also need to pay attention to. Many people start a business, want to take a shortcut to take over a popular shop. On a paved the way, I only need to pay a bit whimsical to transfer fee, will be able to sit back and enjoy the. Take over the transfer shop, there are a number of attractive advantages:

1) in the bustling downtown area, the facade of tight, large traffic.

2 former boss to do a good job in business, there are a lot of customers, increase the intangible value.

1) must confirm the identity of the current owner. Don’t be too hasty to think that a person is a boss. If you do not confirm the identity of the case, who are likely to be a liar, to be cautious. Confirm the identity is very simple, one can ask around the shop; two can look at the rental contract; see business license on the legal person three. If the identity is not determined, there is no need to negotiate. read more

The Obama Hot pot much jiamengfei rice cake

investment project selection Hot pot Myeongdong Obama Hot pot rice cake? How about the food and beverage brands Hot pot rice cake Obama Myungdong? Market prospects? The answer, of course, is yes. The selection of high-quality Hot pot tripe, seafood, rice cake main ingredients, natural spices with stew soup, featured in season vegetables, fresh fish, mushrooms, beans, seaweed and main ingredients together with the small fire to simmer, thick soup, delicious taste and chewy. The Obama jiamengfei Hot pot rice cake is? Facet to introduce.

shop area of 120 square meters

join fee: 50 thousand

rent costs 26 thousand and 400 yuan / month

decoration costs 700 yuan / square meters

equipment cost 90 thousand yuan

raw materials 40 thousand yuan

advertising costs 7000 yuan

opening costs 4000 yuan read more

Small series for you to resolve the process of opening stores in different places

local economic decline, I believe everyone will choose in different places to build entrepreneurial base, in fact, now in different places to open stores has become the mainstream trend, so in the process of remote open stores is difficult?

to the end than in the local places to shop, a higher degree of complexity, the entrepreneurship process, how to reduce the risk of operating in different places? This article only provides the following six different shops to join the steps for the intention of the venture to join the reference.

in the amount of the total investment to join, go to different places to open stores to be prepared for the funds, usually more than in local stores, the funds required slightly higher. Because, to a business to join, in addition to inspect traffic fee and living expenses in advance, shop in the preparation period, including business license approval, audit and supervision of the construction decoration, usually in the local shop than to long, plus some uncertain factors, often will to increase the cost of shop. read more

The successful management skills of lovers clothing store

wear clothing lovers walking in the street, it can bring higher return rate, more and more lovers love to wear clothing lovers, in the eyes of the entrepreneurs, is a good investment opportunities, how to successfully operate a couple of clothing stores? Some practical tips can help you make better judgments, let’s introduce the following!


product design. The word at the head, the charm of accessories icing on the

lovers clothing store consumer groups are mostly young students and white-collar workers, so the store’s merchandise quality and price should be targeted to have a flat. According to the different consumer groups, should be appropriate to configure the appropriate grade and price of goods, to ensure that goods in line with market demand.

lovers clothing store product design to highlight the word – lovers can dig a lot of space. As reflected in the market, many designers tend to think of the couple too simple. In fact, the couple is not the size of the difference, it contains a very rich content, one of which is the need for creative intentions. The pattern of the couple can be made into a half, two people together, you can make a pattern. read more

nvestment shops need to do what preparations

investment shops need to do preparatory work before? Investigation of the lot is the most basic and most important part of the work. If you want to think a little more comprehensive, you can look at xiaobian. Xiao Bian summed up some of the more critical factors in the hope that you can help thinking.

1. local selection of industry

read more

Shop in the first tier cities to make money one hundred thousand yuan enough

compared to small and medium cities, higher consumption of first tier cities in the first tier cities also need to invest more capital. There are a lot of friends want to ask, in the first tier cities to make money one hundred thousand yuan shop enough? One hundred thousand yuan in Beijing to open a small shop is what concept? You can open Sliced noodles in Shanxi about a big side of the road or bridge noodle shops like Yunnan.

if you have a higher ideal and requirements, for example, held one hundred thousand yuan, chicken thief you want the store to get a little style, can in a tall on the circle, can have a force grid and then partly hidden and partly visible, happen to you don’t have any business experience so, maybe you can listen to the barberry church experience sharing.

In view of the difficulty coefficient of read more

Shandong do a good job of financial risk warning for the people to keep good money bag

when the people’s property is threatened, the region’s economy will have a certain shock, local governments will lose their hearts, so how to keep the people’s pocketbook is very important. Recently, Shandong Province issued a series of policies to make financial risk early warning work, won the local people’s attention.

currently, the illegal absorption of public deposits, illegal loans and other illegal phenomena repeated, the impact of the normal financial order, affecting the social stability. Faced with this situation, how to keep good money for the people is particularly important. The establishment of the Shandong financial security to guard against the work of the leading group, actively establish monitoring and early warning system, improve information sharing ability of financial risk and improve warning mechanism, and achieved remarkable results, praised by the masses. read more