Xining two large areas of more than 7000 sets of public rental housing is stepping up construction

with more and more low trapped family public rental housing and the city of Xining plans to distribute more than 3000 units of public rental target this year the gradual implementation of the seamount bridge in Xining City area and Liyuan kilometer two low-income housing projects are under construction.

Nanchuan road from seamount bridge to the west, on both sides of the City District Ning Road, a lot of tall buildings, including the exterior part of the house has been completed, the individual buildings are under construction, here is the construction of centralized City seamount bridge area low-income housing projects. Recently, the reporter learned at the construction site, low-income housing construction area of seamounts bridge project total construction scale of about 410 thousand square meters, the project planning of small high-rise residential building more than and 30 buildings, a total construction of low-income housing more than 5 thousand and 400 units, of which more than 3 thousand and 800 units of public rental, the project area with the construction of commercial, kindergartens, health care, financial standing post, garbage transfer stations and other municipal infrastructure. Currently, the project has been completed within the scope of the main body of the building, supporting facilities, roads, water supply and drainage pipe network is stepping up construction. Where many low-income housing buildings in this area will become a large commercial district, also will become the city’s low-income housing construction a model area.

I, another large low-income housing projects — low-income housing area Liyuan project is also under construction, total construction scale of the project is about 360 thousand square meters, planning and construction of low-income housing more than 5 thousand and 200 units, of which more than 3 thousand and 200 units of public rental, the facilities within the scope of the project is the construction of the road. In the "Li Kang Ruiju" named this residential area will become more real low family housing trapped without hope.   read more

Xining City Health Bureau successfully completed the Spring Festival Lantern Festival medical assist

according to the municipal government, Municipal Working Committee of the culture of the masses unified arrangements, to ensure that the 2011 spring festival mass cultural activities and the Lantern Festival during the period of medical safety, all kinds of public health emergencies and actively respond to possible, the Xining Municipal Health Bureau attaches great importance to arrangements, deployment, supervision in place, the successful completion of the the work of health insurance during the festival of the major activities.  
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Xining 207 Family Planning Association Service floating population

Reporters from the Xining municipal government held 25 of the city’s population and family planning work conference that, for the convenience of the floating population to enjoy the health service, Xining city has been in the Mo street, Lake Road, the floating population concentrated areas, the establishment of 207 floating population family planning association. The floating population family planning association has set up a family planning service platform for the floating population.

mobile Renkoujisheng Association for the floating population of people of childbearing age to provide contraception and reproductive health, eugenics, certificates and other services agency activities, strengthen the floating population and household residence contact, help to have difficulty regularly for the floating population, within the jurisdiction of the floating population to provide business information consulting services, etc.. read more

Xining City Bureau of Education held a private education institutions to sum up the general assembly

January 18th, the Xining Municipal Bureau of Education held a summary of private education institutions in recognition of the general assembly, announced the city’s private education institutions (excluding private kindergartens) annual results, the 15 outstanding units were commended

1 18, Xining City Board of Education held a private education institutions to sum up the general assembly, announced the city’s private education institutions (excluding private kindergartens) annual results, the recognition of the 15 outstanding schools. Former deputy director of the Provincial Department of education, Provincial Education Development Foundation Chairman, state superintendent Yang Quanwei, deputy director of Municipal People’s Congress Gao Yumei, municipal CPPCC Vice Chairman Zhang Ying, municipal development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Civil Affairs Bureau, City Bureau of education and other departments of the leadership and part of private education institutions attended the meeting. read more

Xining will recruit a large area of 5000 jobs are waiting for

organized by the municipal government, the Municipal Bureau of labor and social security "for the enterprise to provide human resources for job seekers to provide jobs," as the theme of the spring of 2009 in Xining area of employment and re employment of large-scale recruitment will be held in the north square of Xining Stadium on the 14 of this month.

it is reported that the recruitment will have 150 enterprises in the province to participate in the domestic and foreign enterprises, providing employment positions 5000. The key for migrant workers, the impact of the financial crisis in the production of semi production enterprises to provide employment services staff reorientation unemployment. The main contents are: recruitment site released City, inside and outside the province and abroad with various types of information and for the recruitment procedures, signed the relevant agreement; released the occupation skill training information and organized the free training recruitment activities; the scene to carry out the employment policy, labor inspection, social insurance policy publicity and consultation activities. read more

The province’s education project operating rate of 99% new construction projects in Colleges and uni

Reporters learned from the Provincial Department of education, as of October 20th this year, the province’s various types of education projects have started 739, the operating rate of 99%, the completion of the 647, the completion rate of 87.1%, an increase of 10.8%. 3 construction projects in Colleges and universities in our province is underway.

– Qingdao: Saline Lake chemical laboratory building, library year project to be completed

– the South Campus: comprehensive teaching building, dormitory building complete supervision bidding
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Xining strict quality standard entry of moon cakes

the afternoon of September 3rd, the Xining Municipal Committee, vice mayor Yan Shujiang in the city of industry, commerce, food and Drug Administration and other departments responsible persons accompanied by city of Xining on the eve of Mid Autumn Festival moon cake market to carry out supervision and inspection.

Yan Shujiang, production and business enterprises must strictly control the quality of moon cake, moon cake will ensure the supply to the people without any problems; law enforcement departments should strictly access, strengthen supervision and inspection, to ensure that people can have a safe and happy mid autumn festival.

Yan Shujiang party first came to the Xining Love Food Co. Ltd., in the control room of the company, Yan Shujiang with listening to the staff of the moon cake production process is introduced, and asked questions of safety in production process of the entire moon staff. For Shujiang Yan care about "the staff in the production area will be disinfected?" Moon cake ingredients are how to configure? Storage compliance?" And other issues, the company responsible person one answer. Yan Shujiang fully affirmed the company in accordance with the requirements of standardized management and standardize the management behavior. He said, with the standard of living is greatly improved, and now the people demand for moon cake, the cake is also growing, as the production side, the company must establish more strict measures, strict raw material production, processing, storage, transportation and other layers of links, to ensure that people eat it. read more

The province’s agricultural insurance coverage continues to expand

this year, the new ideas of Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau in accordance with the development of radiation to the point, contiguous expansion "," expansion of agricultural insurance, and increase the product standard ", the province’s agricultural insurance coverage continues to expand.

this year, Qinghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau of Qinghai Tibetan sheep, yak insurance area increased in Chengduo county and Dulan County, Gande county. Currently a total of six counties in four states run. Forest insurance plans to cover an area of 1 million 578 thousand hectares, an increase of 10.2%. In order to improve the level of insurance coverage, the insurance amount of cow insurance increased from 4000 yuan to $10000; the economic value of the Chinese wolfberry economic forest increased from $1000 to $800. read more

Provincial government held 1 to April the analysis of the situation of industrial economic operatio

May 11th, the provincial government held 1 to April, the analysis of the situation of industrial economic operation, vice governor Wang Liming presided over and spoke.

meeting that, from 1 to April, the province’s efforts to improve the quality of the industrial economy, optimize the supply of industrial electricity, strengthen investment coordination services, the industrial economy has shown some positive factors. But we should also clearly see that the growth of industrial economy of our province in key areas is not stable, the price of industrial products is low, the production and operation of enterprises is still difficult, the industrial economy still faces many challenges and pressure.

the meeting pointed out, to further focus, strengthen the elements of security services, accelerate the progress of construction projects, deepening the implementation of various policy measures, the release of the reform dividend, and strive to achieve more than half the time, more than half of the task". read more

West Railway Station Square is now a prototype

May 27th, Datong West Railway Station Square before the overall structure has now taken shape. According to the introduction of Datong County Housing Construction Bureau, the project was started in April 23, 2014 and, as of the date of the Datong station square in front of the construction tasks have been completed in 50%, is expected to be completed at the end of June.

The cause of supernumerary personnel into the pension insurance category

In August 3rd, the reporter learned from the Provincial Department of human resources and social security to our province recently issued a "notice" on the further strengthening of the organs and institutions of staff to participate in the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees work, our province recruit institutions (recruits) with supernumerary staff, will be included in the basic pension insurance coverage for enterprise employees. Meanwhile, the labor supervision departments at all levels will further intensify supervision and law enforcement efforts, according to the provisions of the insured, refused to pay pension insurance units, according to the law for punishment.

for the protection of our province to recruit institutions (recruits) with supernumerary personnel the interests of workers, our province has issued relevant documents, requiring provincial departments in accordance with national and provincial policies, will be included in the basic pension insurance coverage to the enterprise employees, and to pay the basic old-age insurance in accordance with the provisions of. Has not participated in the basic old-age insurance for enterprise employees, from the beginning of the work of the units and individuals from the basic pension insurance. The employer should actively create conditions for the establishment of enterprise annuity for the unit staff.

notification requirements, the provincial departments should earnestly fulfill the system of units, regulatory responsibilities, urge employers for basic old-age pension insurance for enterprise employees of supernumerary staff to pay pension premiums. Social insurance agencies at all levels to the insured institutions supernumerary personnel work as the focus, to take effective measures to expand the coverage of basic endowment insurance for enterprise employees. To conduct a special investigation on the situation of the region institutions supernumerary staff, and will investigate the situation timely feedback to the competent authorities and local labor supervision departments, supervision units and personal insurance.   read more

Xining City West District Xishan two Lane neighborhood for the masses of grief troubles

can not get real estate license, the owners committee incompetent, property management companies loose, for property companies…… From 2006 onwards, Xining City West District Xishan two lane 3 center tenants continue to fret about such things, finally, which lasted four years, in the ancient city of Taiwan office Kunlun Road West community neighborhood committee repeatedly under the coordination of the courtyard has a property company, the owners get a real estate license and certificate of land.

West District, two West Lane Hospital No. 84 households in, starting in October 2006. Due to the cost of developers in the relevant departments of about three hundred thousand yuan, the courtyard of the real estate license of the household of the 30, the land permits of the 54 long-term. And no real estate license, the child can not learn, quasi birth certificate, residence booklet can not handle, the house can not be sold…… At the same time, the property management company is loose, service is not up to the household demand, the owners of the committee to remove the property company, the hospital more confusion, environmental health dirty, households stolen, stolen cars and other problems have emerged. The interests of tenants have been violated, everyone’s opinion is growing. read more

Xining to carry out special inspection of food and drug safety

January 14th, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Food and drug administration, the bureau is once again deployed during the Spring Festival and important food and drug safety supervision work in the provinces and cities. Asked the city’s food and drug supervision and management system to strengthen organizational leadership, strengthen the responsibility to implement, in the basis of the daily supervision and special supervision and inspection of the early, carefully organized "NPC and CPPCC" during the Spring Festival and the provincial food and drug safety supervision and inspection work.

During the special inspection of

, which is composed of 6 special inspection teams dicing lump sum, in view of the weak links and problems at work, refinement measures, strengthen the market analysis and forecasting, increase inspections, serious investigation and elimination of food and drug safety, effective prevention and control of food and drug safety risk, ensure that the important node of food and drug safety. Strengthen the comprehensive management, to further increase the food production, distribution and food service food safety supervision and inspection, to large supermarkets, food production enterprises, medium-sized restaurants, the dinner on New Year’s Eve feeding unit, catering enterprises, collective dining distribution unit, central kitchen, major activities, the reception unit as the key to the implementation of food safety management system. Intensify supervision of law enforcement, strict control of food safety risk. Based on the sampling of third party food safety risk monitoring and supervision, carry out supervision and inspection of food production enterprises on-site supervision and inspection and the main products, increase the health food supervision and sampling frequency, according to the disposal of unqualified products, timely public supervision and sampling information. Supervise the implementation of the new year’s Eve report filing system, to carry out pre supervision and guidance. To strengthen the supervision and inspection of pharmaceutical and medical equipment enterprises, with a focus on examining the legality of the products sold, the channels of purchase, the certificate of cable, the sales ledger and the factory inspection report. Do emergency work to further implement the duty, responsibility, strict work discipline and discipline on duty, grading the establishment of emergency response teams for food and drug safety incidents, maintain food and drug 12331 complaints telephone and holiday duty phone 24 hours smooth and timely in accordance with the acceptance and disposal of food and drug to report complaints, prevent the occurrence of major food and drug safety accidents. read more

Xining City East District tax bureau to carry out the tax law into the barracks activities

April 10th, the IRS in Eastern District of Xining city to twenty-first tax xuanchuanyue as an opportunity to organize the tax propaganda team into the Qinghai Armed Police Corps detachment of second squadrons of the "tax law into the camp activities. The relationship between tax publicity staff and national defense construction as the starting point, focus on the promotion of the closely related to the vital interests of officers and soldiers demobilized cadres own jobs, veterans self occupation and other tax preferential policies and regulations, combined with the State encourages the development of individual and private economy environment, as the maze entrepreneurial intentions, demobilized soldiers pointing.


Xining National Day holiday home service booking hot twice more than usual

During the national day, many people intend to use the holiday to move or clean family health, and many shops are busy "beauty", which may be too busy housekeeping service company. From September 28th to September 30th, Xining home reservation telephone break 1000, more than usual more than two times.

October 1st, reporters from Xining city 96366 housekeeping service platform to understand the national day, just to, major domestic companies in Xining city business is booming, some companies appear the situation of shortage of workers, have to employ temporary staff. The staff said that during the national day appointment housekeeping service customers than twice the normal, mainly by moving and cleaning. Usually 96366 housekeeping service platform every day is traffic 50 to 100, soared to more than and 300 every day approaching, in addition to foreign tourists to travel outside the green project, people are taking advantage of the National Day appointment moving and cleaning services in the majority. read more

Entrepreneurial innovation vitality was stimulated in May before the province’s daily birth 40 compa

This year, our province to optimize the approval process, standardize approval, introduction of training market views, carry out a series of measures of thousands of cadres into the enterprise service activities, people pay attention to the development of enterprise, innovation and entrepreneurship in growing enthusiasm, stimulate the vitality of the market. June 9th, the letter from the provincial Commission by letter of the news shows that the first 5 months of the province’s newly registered enterprises of 6051, the average daily number of companies have been born 40".5 former

nvestigation in Xining Haidong

Recently, vice governor Kuang Yong has to Xining Beichuan Industrial Park, Zhongguancun science and technology achievements transformation base, Haidong science and Technology Park on the construction of the park investigation.

in Xining to listen to the Zhongguancun science and technology achievement industrialization base construction and promote Haidong science park construction situation, Kuang Yong pointed out that the construction of science and technology park to further emancipate the mind, broaden our thinking and positioning from the higher level; to highlight the capital, talent, policy and other aspects of the service, to provide more preferential policies and services. Better for science and technology enterprises Zhuchaoyinfeng, attract more science and technology enterprises in science and technology park business development; science and technology departments to actively plan for screening technology projects, increase science and technology investment, actively carry out the construction of the park to guide the work. read more

Food and beverage enterprises will be severely punished forced consumption

Focus on price manipulation, to crack down on the alliance agreed to increase fares during the Spring Festival, a special inspection of illegal forced or disguised forced consumers, for the protection of the new year and Spring Festival period of the market order and price stability, with immediate effect, the province to carry out a comprehensive market price supervision and inspection with the necessities of life, transportation and other four areas.

key and agreed alliance price manipulation of the provincial development and Reform Commission departments at all levels to strengthen the requirements of price of grain and other necessities, especially basic varieties of vegetables market price regulation, focus on the operators to use sell accumulation means drive up prices, will use monopoly supply, compulsory agency, agreed Alliance and other means to manipulate the price to be punished.During the Spring Festival

the trade price order rectification will also carry out business retail price order rectification, focus on a larger scale, broader impact of the chain supermarkets, department stores, thorough investigation of original fiction, false discounts and other illegal activities, regulate prices, discounts, gifts and other promotional activities.   read more

North of Xining City the first rural sewage treatment station opened

With the rapid development of the rural economy, the amount of domestic sewage discharge increases year by year, and to some extent, groundwater, crops and soil are polluted by

. To this end, the city of Xining City Environmental Protection Bureau decided to continue to improve the status quo through rural environmental remediation projects. At present, the domestic sewage treatment station has started construction.

is the first rural sewage treatment station in the north of the city, the construction period is about 60 days, is expected to be put into operation in the second half of this year. The project for the underground micro power sewage treatment station, using the method of A/A/0 (anaerobic tank anoxic aerobic tank and sedimentation tank) conventional sewage treatment, simple operation, low operation cost, stable operation, to ensure the standard of sewage treatment, and can be used for irrigation, to change the existing village. (author: Peng Na Wang Xuehua)
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80 beautiful jewelry store opened the annual income of 300 thousand

with high threshold is more and more low, there are a large number of graduates can not find the ideal job every year, at home unemployed, entrepreneurship has become the current hot topic of College students! Today, Xiaobian for everyone to bring a 80 beautiful jewelry store opened, the annual income of 300 thousand story!

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