Suning Gome eleven fight price hit service card

veterans trends

went to a year of "double eleven", in the retail electricity supplier share continued under snatch line, offline retailers have also fought back, put out the open attitude. According to deputy general manager of Suning Guangzhou management center as an introduction, Suning interior has been O2O Shopping Festival set 10 billion target sales. He Yangqing, senior vice president of the United States claimed to be no pricing sales strategy to build a new benchmark 11.11 cheap".

emphasizes genuine, low-cost competition

at present, pure electricity supplier big promotion is no longer as before hot, a large part of the reason is out of stock, contusion of false promotion activities, such as knowing and selling fake false discount the consumer’s shopping enthusiasm emerge in an endless stream. read more

The largest Darunfa supermarket can get involved in the electricity supplier

although the domestic large-scale commercial chain giants involved in the electricity supplier have ended in failure, but this does not hinder the determination of the traditional business of electric shock. Recently, Darunfa supermarket Chinese market ranked first because of the rise of the flying cow network website subordinate, once again sparked heated debate.

believes that recently a lot of friends in supermarkets Darunfa see the overwhelming flying cow network advertising, by this way to attract enough eyeballs, but the effect is really very good? "" recently, the global information broadcast programs, related topics to find my connection about RT involved in the electricity supplier I put my key point, as follows:

1, Darunfa chairman Huang Mingduan led Darunfa from the initial small supermarket later to catch up with WAL-MART, the retail giant Carrefour, what do you think of his marketing characteristics of read more

With the demolition of the brush single story Ali Jingdong brush single platform disaster caused by

welcomed the attention "to create things in mind" the WeChat subscription number: sinachuangshiji

/ Li Chengdong (public No.: East electricity supplier interpretation)

a few days ago an article greeted "$10 million financing is being made:" the Burning Crusade fitness bad company, I have 220 thousand yuan of property! Please forward, justice! "," absolute attract eyeball, a month ago, a good friend of the company also suffered a similar predicament not only crusade. By cooperative businesses, but the abolition of the staff. "Brush", the word is so high frequency in the industry. This reminds me of the "demolition" story of China!

brush single story

saw Uber decided to crack down on the car driver brush yesterday.

a few days ago, a friend told me that the investment banking industry, the proportion of the industry’s average brush how much because he served the company met the discount requirements of investors. If you are in accordance with the valuation of sales of water, then, of course, to remove moisture. read more

Enterprises to join the promotion and improve the conversion rate sharing

for a long time not published articles on the A5, and today I want to share with you. Some time ago received seowhy Master show interview! Now to be diverted to other industries, want to share some of my ideas to join investment promotion website

to everyone!

first, improve the site’s exposure rate; there is a certain relationship between the website ranking, because I live in industry site, we all know that this is a very popular industry, Baidu bid is certainly not less, the opening time of Baidu bid to do the selection, when the season to do, when the off-season to do less every time, and the choice of. The importance of long tail keywords I don’t want to say we all know it!

The promotion of

second, micro-blog marketing; the 2011 micro-blog is so hot on the Internet! So as our pregnant infant industry to start my own business, micro-blog in micro-blog, provide some knowledge for breeding parents, can win a lot of fans; more is to improve the enterprise brand image, to promote the corporate brand the Why not?? micro-blog marketing needs bloggers often interact with you guys! This requires the company to have a strong executive power. read more

CCB good financial business electricity supplier Empire prototype now

zero cost operation + core financing + capture payment

The history of


JinfengTake the turnover of 45 million yuan

in 2012 "double eleven" Taobao shopping Carnival day, do the clothing business for nearly 40 years, Jiangsu Yalu Group Chairman Gu Zhenhua once again tasted the online platform badly, a plan of his latest promise, the Suzhou branch of China Construction Bank, agreed to trade all of its more than and 600 dealerships have migrated to the Construction Bank of good financial business enterprises on the mall.

Gu Zhenhua and his Yalu first contact experience, a chance to try from the Shanghai branch in 2009, 2010 "double eleven Festival" Taobao big promotion, one day took the turnover of 10 million, until 2011, the annual online transactions has billions of dollars, the proportion reached 10%, "in the future overall sales of electricity providers accounted for read more

Taobao baby shop optimization and promotion

in Chinese, is the largest domestic e-commerce station at present, Ma China trained a large number of users of the online shopping habits through, twenty-first Century today, online shopping is no longer a new word. Internet users have flocked to Taobao and other e-commerce sites opened their own shop. Taobao shop on the program is very simple, but how to manage their own shop, which has become the most concerned about the issue of online shop business.

open shop to do business, summed up in fact, the three step

first, learn how to attract traffic.

second, you have to learn how to browse through your shop to become your customers.

finally, learn how to retain these customers and make them your regulars.

is easy to say, but it doesn’t work that way. Open shop, we must first learn how to attract traffic. Most users of online shopping has a habit, is through the search engine directly search keywords commodity name and some models such as to find goods, although blocked outside the search engine, but the flow of itself is already very large, since the shop in Taobao, so Taobao in the most suitable drainage. Because, there are some people browsing the Taobao online shopping needs, which is the potential customers shop. In other words, if you can make your name in front of the Taobao search results, then you will be able to attract consumer demand. Today, the author of " how to attract traffic on Taobao " to communicate with you about some of the tips of the shop promotion. read more

Explosion list list leaked Suning Hou Enlong 5 days ahead of time to do

Beijing, November 4, "since all know, 5 days ahead of the opening of the zero!" Su Ningyun Hou COO park to 4 am release of the micro-blog is still the continuation of its concise style, with pictures of two and 3, the spread of the Internet, Suning O2O Shopping Festival explosion list "is very similar. Hou Enlong not only responded to the explosion of the list of leaks, but also confirmed the authenticity of these 50 explosive goods at low prices.

has announced the leaked price list

3 later, Suning O2O shopping section of the list of the explosion was leaked micro-blog, the form of a detailed list of the upcoming Su Ningben double the upcoming explosion of the eleven. Then a number of media reports of the leak and explosion of a list of screenshots in micro-blog, WeChat, led hand chop party crazy forwarding. Some people see Suning preferential price, directly to the Jingdong return. read more

Five black hand chop party secret to see what foreigners Amoy

[editor’s note] China’s double 11 passed, but the foreign online shopping festival black Friday (November 28th) immediately came. You are not for those in the online shopping festival that quickly and accurately find a bargain buyers especially envy? Billion state power network compiled this article lists the 11 most commonly used black five Taohuo strategy, take you to see the black Friday buyers what amoy.

1 make purchase list and budget

"black five" hand chop party thinking in general is this: make a list and check check check. Shopping website DealNews spokesman Mark LoCastro said the shopping list is necessary, you have to know what you are now. And shopping list to be detailed, not only the major categories, such as television, computers, etc.. To the needs of the size, features, and even the brand are listed, so as to parity and select the most cost-effective products. read more

Li Guoqing is short of money Who wants to buy it Baidu Ali Tencent Don’t pull it

the two day a business analyst L wrote a series of Dangdang help find buyers, in addition, again a few days ago in the WeChat circle of friends also listen to a friend H said Dangdang found a buyer, the two are the senior business analysis circle, what they say are looking for the buyer and dangdang. There are no waves without wind., Dangdang to find buyers or find the investment is likely to.

Dangdang looking for buyers, the author is more sensitive, because from the beginning of last year, Dangdang should be introduced into the United States or Baidu investment. At that time Dangdang did not sell or look for the meaning of investment, has been to the two day on Dangdang to find the buyer’s message finally appeared.


has two people lecture series, the feeling is that H had said Dangdang found a buyer, could still talk about the price and investment, while L in the past two days for Dangdang shout two, said Baidu, Ali is a potential buyer of Dangdang can increase the bargaining power for dangdang. Said I conspiracy theory, or that I see the wind is rain or not, I just put my opinion to say, only for lovers reference. read more

Mall one day sales of billions of dollars from Jingdong

e-commerce development to the present, so that people’s way of life has undergone tremendous changes. More and more people begin to shop through the Internet, even if it’s a big piece of electrical goods. Recently, the Jingdong mall 12 anniversary of the anniversary, it is unusually hot, according to Jingdong mall news release, June 18th anniversary day, Jingdong online mall sales exceeded 100 million yuan, nearly 150 thousand orders per second, the average sales of more than 2000 yuan, compared with the same period last year increased by more than 200%. A string of numbers shocking, behind these figures, but also reflects the development of e-commerce. Online sales of huge, but also the impact of the traditional retailer’s nerves, Suning Gome and other such a huge retail, but also trying to set up e-commerce sites, to attack the impact of such an online mall Jingdong. But from the current situation, the catch rate Suning Gome is a bit slow, Jingdong frequently like performance, Suning Gome online mall sales seemed a little awkward. Of course, if these traditional giants if you do not speed up the pace, Jingdong mall sales beyond them, it seems only a matter of time. read more

With the blue sky founder Yu Dafei at cloud minivan entrepreneurial experience

cloud micro passenger more than the initial experience

Philip said more than

tongtru blue sky, after returning home out of cloud micro off, is to do a different from the standard WeChat operating companies with personalized brand marketing mode. A round of financing is still smooth, but really devoted to do, Mr. Yu Dafei found that there are many problems.

we see a lot of money on the Internet through WeChat’s circle of friends to make money, whether it is the Buddha licensing sister, or fruit brother…… and so many attractive eye case.

The blue sky fly first more than

Tongchuang from WeChat’s characteristics, one is the media, the two channel, that is to say, if the WeChat business, WeChat can be used as a new media, may also get a new type of channel, through WeChat WeChat venture so could only be a commercial venture, it further may be an important way to start business. Now people almost intelligent people are using mobile phone WeChat, become a part of people’s life, so the channel effect has more amplification and widely. At the same time than the previous channel, WeChat also has low cost, or even zero cost characteristics of communication, often with the help of the circle communication, communication reliability the increase in low cost, and make communication easier to spread. In this way, if you do poineering work in WeChat, is likely to engage in business or engage in the dissemination of the industry, while the latter only profitable advertising or advertising. So, this business can be operated for a long time, perhaps, but most will be transferred to the surrounding, such as the transfer to the upstream, do product production, in order to control the production chain, to obtain greater value. In other words, WeChat venture may be a low threshold startups. read more

Auto dealers caught in the dilemma of e commerce business into a good

at present, as the auto dealers, especially as commercial vehicle parts distribution companies, both Auto Parts City "shop", auto parts on the street or in the domestic professional companies, provincial and municipal areas made large scale enterprises, most of them are business problems and development dilemma. The main reasons are as follows:

first: personnel technical level can not keep up with

as a result of the domestic models, and models change quickly, traders professional technical personnel can not keep up with the changes in models, training a new person is difficult, long time. In the current auto parts circulation to lower barriers to entry environment, company culture of mature business personnel after leaving his own shop, the company is relatively passive; at the same time the new generation of employees to more easily auto parts trading. read more

Personalized service e commerce website of a ray of sunshine

in the real market competition intensified, for those who are struggling to live trading enterprises, e-commerce website is undoubtedly occupy a favorable position Great trees are good for shade. ". It links the suppliers, customers, products three major consumption chain, or provide services, or provide a service based on the service, rather than directly invested a large amount of cost. Thus, to a certain extent, to avoid the risk of investment, but the profit is considerable. However, in the face of the current e-commerce website form boom, consumers fresh first has receded, passion is gradually cooled down, the electronic commerce website to share with this platform cornucopia a slice of the past is not an easy job to do.

how to get rid of the complicated and complicated e-commerce sites, is almost the first goal of the initial construction of each site, and throughout the entire process of construction, operation of the site. The major e-commerce sites have to find their own solution, and the final settlement of this problem is mostly focused on the personalized service this point. Because of the same level as the same type of website, they follow the same routine in the content and structure of basically, there is a big difference, such as the release of product information, build enterprise instant messaging, community shops, trading exchanges several plates. However, it is impossible to be qualitative and quantitative, which is the pursuit of personalized services of different e-commerce sites. Personalized service is the development of a new web site in the sun. For example, last year to personalized service network based on the environmental protection and economical burden, more easily, hold on to the consumer "idle goods" mood, provides a trading platform for "change" guest gens, this site not only benefit and a fire. read more

Jingdong formally launched cross border electricity supplier global purchase enable short domain nam

renamed China ( April 15th news, today, the Jingdong officially launched the cross-border electronic business platform "global purchase, consumers can easily buy from the United States, France, Britain, Japan and other countries and regions of high-quality goods. Global purchase enabled domain name


: Jingdong global purchase

according to reports, the Jingdong global shopping platform, the first line of goods more than 150 thousand brands, more than 1200, with more than 450 stores, including maternal and child supplies, food and health care, nursing makeup, clothing shoes and hats and many other products, and once found selling fake products, will be subject to heavy penalties.

In fact, this is not the first

called global purchase cross-border electricity supplier on the line, the early years, Taobao, Suning, Ctrip has launched a cross-border electricity supplier with the same name. Among them, Taobao and Ctrip enabled or two domain names and read more

Jingdong invested 2 billion yuan in Dongguan to build business park gathered Mayong increase 020 lin

recently, Dongguan City Machong Town People’s government and Jingdong Group signed a letter of intent, the Jingdong in Dongguan Mayong group will be 2 billion yuan investment in the construction of modern service industry park. The distribution of Jingdong Mayong, will make Dongguan become an important business support in Jingdong in Southern China area, taking Southern China District 50% business projects put into operation in 2017, put into operation in Dongguan after the turnover of up to 35 billion yuan, annual tax revenue of 700 million yuan.

from the beginning of June this year, often in the Jingdong of Dongguan people will find the shopping website of Jingdong order tracking content, every time "Machong sorting center". This means that the goods shipped to become Jingdong Machong sorting center in Dongguan road and logistics center. Because closer to the logistics center, Dongguan people in the supermarket shopping receipt time will be further reduced. read more

4 million 340 thousand mobile phone sales Jingdong mobile phone 11 11 blowout miracle

November 11, 2016 24:00, 11.11 mobile phone Jingdong official, ended successfully. Jingdong mobile phone communication category once again created a marketing miracle, in 11 days of the shopping spree, the cumulative sales exceeded 4 million 340 thousand units. From many domestic and foreign mobile phone brands across the board have a brisk contention of a hundred schools of thought, expression.

brand sales gratifying, HUAWEI Glory + strong reversal of the summit of

from the brand overall sales, HUAWEI + glory brand to become the biggest winner of the 11.11 mobile phone Jingdong, with sales of 1188938 units successfully reached the summit. It is worth mentioning that, released from the Jingdong of the daily sales report on the mobile phone, HUAWEI glory in cumulative sales ranking in November 10th also ranked second, only a day in November 11th, is a strong reversal, topped the final cumulative sales champion, showing its impressive skill accumulate steadily. Millet mobile phone 11 11 Jingdong performance in the same eye-catching, a way to occupy second place in the final stride forward singing militant songs, the cumulative sales list, sales of up to 1101938. Hot Apple occupy a total sales of third positions, sales reached 646080 units. Total sales of TOP 10 in several other brands, according to the rankings were Meizu, Samsung, LETV, 360, Nubian, OPPO and ZTE mobile phone. read more

Ten women’s clothing in the stock of the nine died you dare to play it

in March this year to participate in a colleague’s wedding, met with former colleagues to do a lot of talk about playing basketball and work. His message is well informed, I know at the beginning of April there will be a change of job. Before the women’s clothing and the United States are working on the same floor, and I am responsible for women’s clothing and beauty 5 shop drilling exhibition promotion work. In order to better improve efficiency, focus on doing the same thing, so when the boss chose to negotiate with his partner, decided to separate women’s clothing and beauty management, separate accounting gross profit. Women in the 21 floor office, beauty in the office of the 6 floor. After the festival officially began operation.

colleague was very surprised and asked me: a good decision? Women’s flow is so large, why not choose the dress? I just laugh at, not too much and he explained the pros and cons. The bitterness is only to experience. read more

Organizational restructuring is far behind the knife wielding Ma behind

recently, Ali conducted a number of dazzling restructuring and personnel appointments. From Taobao, Juhuasuan, Tmall, Zhang Jianfeng will start, Ali around each of the vertical integration and continuous dismantling business. There are internal needs, but also the general force.

no accident, Ali will continue to do a variety of architecture and personnel adjustments. The Internet giant, which was listed in September last year, is facing unprecedented crises and challenges.

is not far off, integration continues

Ali inside this uncommon, called "embrace change", it is "purification cycle". If the global market capitalization of nearly about 200000000000 dollars compared to the ecosystem, then every role in the ecosystem needs to evolve, otherwise it will be eliminated. read more

Lucky Cat nvoicing how fierce competition in the apparel industry to enhance performance

clothing business best stage from 2002 to 2008, the time for many garment enterprises earning large quantities of gold each day. But in recent years, the electricity supplier impact on the traditional garment industry, and there is no market demand for explosive growth, leading garment enterprises to increase operating costs, some stores losses, then closed shop tide come in a throng.

garment industry closed shop tide so many people in the industry for clothing enterprises is not optimistic about the future survival, the survival of the store really is more difficult? There are many clothing practitioners said, can not be denied because of their poor operating conditions of market prospects.

in the increasingly fierce competition in the garment industry, how to find a new breakthrough? Let the performance greatly enhance the clothing store? In order to sell clothing, often take a variety of promotions, the most common is the price to attract customers. In fact, no matter what kind of promotion, ultimately to the consumer as the center. The store to increase customer stickiness, affiliate marketing is the key! Such as membership promotion, customer care, holiday card renewal, notify the supplier. If, according to the conditions of selected customer data short message, not only to achieve marketing results, and reflect customer care. read more

Li Chengdong fresh one is optimistic about the two Tootoo

[East] interpretation electricity supplier in the fall of 2013, when the electricity supplier Tencent (ECC) has not sold to the Jingdong, was actively considering the expansion of the category into fresh areas. Several colleagues scanned the electricity supplier headquarters of several major domestic fresh, easy fruit orchard every day, Wangzhu Tootoo, originally life network etc.. The east view, every orchard and Tootoo is the most worthy of investment, from the coverage of users and professional degrees, do better every day in the orchard. But from the fresh category operation, Tootoo is stronger, but also have stronger profitability and the threshold, the problem lies in the size of the problem difficult to solve, organic too high-end niche.

of course, the last one did not invest in Tencent, before the new year to Shanghai to see the orchard every day boss Wang Wei, was informed that Jingdong invested $100 million. Here again my orchard every day, do fresh electricity really burn another traffic fee! So Tootoo recommended read more