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first_imgSome say that after climate warming, plastic is the biggest environmental problem we face. And unlike climate warming, no one argues over who is responsible for the plastic in our oceans – we are. After researching and reporting on it, Johanna Eurich wanted to do her part to reduce plastic trash. The task is daunting. She started at home, in her tiny log cabin in Spenard.Download AudioI am sorting my trash and logging the plastic that has come into my life this week. It is all packaging.When I was born, there was very little plastic around. Now, more than half a century later, there is tons of it floating around in the world’s ocean. Most of it comes from land. And it’s stuff from our cupboards and trash bins.(Photo courtesy Johanna Eurich)Unlike the long molecules that nature makes, the plastics we produce last forever. None of it rots the way natural cellulose does. Instead it breaks down into smaller, less visible pieces and becomes even more dangerous in the environment. Some of Alaska’s most remote beaches are covered with confetti of it.The plastic issue makes me confront the limits of consumer choice. What I can easily, I am already doing. We don’t use plastic shopping bags anymore.But I still suffer from plastic guilt. Then I meet someone like Kylee Singh working at the Alaska Center for the Environment. She comes at the plastic issue from a public health perspective.“I just continually was trying to wrap my head around something that we had just created like plastic water bottles,” Singh said. “If I was drinking out of a plastic water bottle and drinking out of it for weeks at a time – I was living in the desert at the time – there has to be something leaching out of that plastic.”She was in college when she got to help lead an effort to stop the use of bottled water on campus.“A year after I graduated we found out that we had lobbied hard enough to put the bad on bottled water on Humboldt State,” Singh said. “So we became the first public university to ban plastic bottled water on campus.”My plastic campaign isn’t all doom and gloom. Some of it’s fun. I’m making yogurt in a glass jar so I don’t have to buy the stuff in the plastic containers. The result is cheaper and tastier. I wrap the jar of lukewarm milk with a spoonful of yogurt in it and put it in the oven to incubate. The old pilot light keeps it warm.Every little bit helps.Dave Bass takes his own containers to restaurants when he buys take-out. He remembers the reaction the first time.(Photo courtesy Johanna Eurich)“The person who took the containers wasn’t even sure it was an option,” Bass said. “They had to go back to check to see if that was possible; they were confused but they eventually did it.”Now local restaurants expect Dave to show up a few minutes early with glass Tupperware. It doesn’t save a ton of trash, but he says the thought of the unnecessary Styrofoam used to make it hard to take his food to go.“The tastiness and convenience is nearly overshadowed by being forced to accept responsibility for several stupid Styrofoam containers that are going to be floating around in the ocean for the next billion years,” Bass said.When I lived off the road system, I would buy large quantities to keep prices down, but everything came wrapped in plastic. That’s why rural dumps are stuffed with plastic. We bury it and hope for the best. But the amount in village dumps pales compared to the quantities that wash up on our shores from Asia. The man on the front line is Chris Pallister at Gulf of Alaska Keeper.“We’re working on shorelines now that have up to 30 tons of plastic per mile on them,” he said.Chris thinks the price of plastic should include all the external costs, like cleaning it up.“Other things like glass will be cost effective then,” Pallister said. “We can make it here and reuse it here. And we could do that everywhere.”“I don’t understand why people are opposed to internalizing costs and letting the consumers pay for it.”Finally, I want to show you where I go when the plastic gets overwhelming. Welcome to my garden compost heap. This is the temple of rot and my husband Steven is the priest. He waters it and turns it to make it heat up.Compost is entropy transformed and transcended. The heroes are worms and microbes. They break down and recycle all the long molecules made by nature. We will all rot someday. If I’m lucky, my chemistry will make more food, more blossoms like the sweet black compost from this heap.After we are all long gone the plastic we have already made will still be here. It is a huge and growing pile and there are no simple answers. All I can do is start with my own pile and look for others willing to do the same.last_img read more

35 Positive Images Of Black Fathers And Children

first_imgOn Father’s Day in 2019, the stereotype that Black fathers are absent from their children’s lives has somehow persisted despite hard data from research that definitively says otherwise. From eating meals with their children to reading to them to playing with them to changing diapers and more, Black fathers have statistically been more involved in their children’s lives than white fathers, according to a report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.READ MORE: Black Dads Are Deeply Involved In Their Kids’ LivesBut with much of society implicitly biased against Black people as a whole and Black males in particular, sometimes seeing can compel someone to believe before reading written facts from reliable sources. That’s why NewsOne has compiled this considerable list of video examples of Black fathers doting on their children and flaunting their love by posting footage to social media of their affectionate interactions.Many of these videos have gone viral over time, with the most recent offering being a father recording a verbal exchange between him and his infant child, who is seen not speaking English but still communicating quite effectively with his dad. The two are shown sitting on a couch with the child speaking without actual words to which the father casually replies conversational style. The scene shattered misconceptions surrounding Black fathers and their children and the two of them displayed the type of love for each other that is rarely associated with African-Americans in mainstream media. Even better, the father was doing his child a great service by conversationally connecting with him on such an intimate level. Studies have shown that parents consistently talking to and with their children from birth “boosts their brain power and sets them up for success at school,” the Guardian reported. But that video was far from alone. There were dozens of others that demonstrated Black fathers expressing the same unconditional love for their children in a wide range of other activities. From fathers doing their daughters’ hair to sharing a dance routine with them to reading them books and otherwise just sharing special time with their children, the below videos were just the latest evidence that Black fathers are just as loving as other fathers, even though the CDC data suggests they are even more so than their counterparts from other backgrounds. 21. Black fathers, we see you, we appreciate you and love you. Thank you for help raising Kingsand Queens . Let’s kill the stereotypes! #BlackFathers #GroomNGlory pic.twitter.com/HXZeLhme7F— Groom N’ Glory (@GroomNGlory) April 11, 2018 Father & Son road trip @gumball3000 editionA post shared by the Real Swizz (@therealswizzz) on Jun 15, 2019 at 10:35am PDT 32. BLACK DADS ARE WINNING RIGHT NOW pic.twitter.com/enzDxGKJFU— AHUS (@AmericaHatesUs) November 30, 2017 11. #blackfathersmatter pic.twitter.com/1Ih3SaZu3Y— Charles C. Primas (@cprim72) June 9, 2019 3. Always Dope to see a Dad Doing His Daughters Hair #STRONGBLACKFATHERS…..#Blackfathersmatter #Blackfathers #BlackDads #Blackmen #Blacklove #Blackexcellence #Dads #DontforgetDads #Daddyduties #Prouddad #Dadlife #DadGoals #Daddysgirl #Daddyslittlegirl #dadsanddaughters pic.twitter.com/nUNRFhk6df— Strong Black Fathers (@SBFathers) June 10, 2019 23. #BlackFathersBeautiful trend! Shout out to all father’s who taking care of their kids. Salute!Because most of us wasn’t raised with no father in the house, doesnt mean we cant be great dads and love our kids!! This is my son and myself having fun during the snow storm! pic.twitter.com/TMoudfT2eY— Ace (@Ace_2984) March 22, 2018 4. BLACK FATHERS MATTER @G9D___ pic.twitter.com/23IYLHEoe7— hennywithmyKoke (@FlynnAlKapone) June 6, 2019 14. When you’re away at work and dad sends you this why is my son so cute #blackfathers pic.twitter.com/Z8SIyarVkk— Ddh (@diamond_oh) June 11, 2019 18. Black Men do love and take care of their kids. We are great fathers and leaders.. There is a narrative going around filled with lies like We don’t support each other. Like all we do Is kill each other. That we do not love our black women. All are not True pic.twitter.com/0DSSo6OQk9— Brother Tyrone X (@tyrone345345) February 17, 2019 17. Imagine waking up, and seeing this #fatherhood #youngdads #blackfathers #daddygoals #likefatherlikeson pic.twitter.com/SxjSnReK0x— Blue Rose (@queennaija) May 13, 2019 16. 8. Black fathers matter @BlackOwnedUS pic.twitter.com/iOKqcjd2Rw— TV One (@tvonetv) May 6, 2019 30. Black dads, they will not always do whay you tell them to do but they will always do what you do pic.twitter.com/hHsuXfdxDa— Brother Tyrone X (@tyrone345345) March 6, 2019 33. Gang pic.twitter.com/uDONttR20u— i was here (@BadNewsMarzo) June 4, 2015 12. Who’s trying to make me cry today? This is so cute! #blackfathersmatter pic.twitter.com/mf0LPROoJJ— 𝕁𝕖𝕤𝕤 (@thereddempress_) October 10, 2018 6. Black Fathers Matter @SavageHipsters IG:Maniesco_#BlackLivesMatter pic.twitter.com/Ze4FAg7ihe— Maniesco (@SavageHipsters) June 15, 2019 View this post on Instagram 15. #Repost @blackvegantube・・・This made me smile. #blackfathers have always existed!!! The narrative is changing. Ase’_#blackfathers#blackdads#blackmen#blackmenmattersVIA: @moorland_nativeVia @vintage_vegan_ pic.twitter.com/O5o09BF3gR— HABESHA, Inc. (@HABESHAINC) June 6, 2019center_img 29. Is it me or did it just get dusty in here? RT @ibrealkneck this is great. we need more black fathers like this. pic.twitter.com/Vi5zfWm95F— Matthew A. Cherry (@MatthewACherry) July 30, 2016 26. C.D.C. in 2013 found that black fathers were the most involved with their children daily of other group of fathers pic.twitter.com/3nb7lJXlfg— Brother Tyrone X (@tyrone345345) July 17, 2017 24. For the 1x. I love this lil girl more than anything #BlackFathers pic.twitter.com/oaz4qHovX7— B (@skreetlilb) March 22, 2018 9. My wife’s pregnancy has her with swollen hands, so I have to make sure things get done. #BlackFathersMatter pic.twitter.com/fgiIBU6s1Y— #TheMoneyMan (@LawrenceCainJr) January 13, 2019 2. Black Fathers will change the mindset of our next generation by simply being present And we will continue to push THIS narrative no matter how much we are attacked.. #ChangeTheNarrative pic.twitter.com/0o2IC7NIyn— Faithful Black Men Association (@OfficialFBMA) January 22, 2019 22. #BlackFathers my bundle of joy pic.twitter.com/fqyQp7v2Ii— KD (@TrenchBoyKd) March 24, 2018 19. Just wanted to salute @Oreo for getting the narrative right and showing the love between black fathers and their sons. It’s so important and needed in the world! Shout out to @wizkhalifa and his son Sebastian. pic.twitter.com/yZY2QfyV9M— Diddy (@Diddy) February 12, 2019 13. Black Fathers matter! Brushing teeth with Daddy!! @NewEdition @NewEditionBET @WOODY_THEGREAT @TheEllenShow #blackfathers #BlackExcellence @TheShadeRoomm pic.twitter.com/xhpnbCVeTX— Material Girl (@bombshellslam) September 10, 2018 7. #blackfathersmatter pic.twitter.com/oLyUA6BHv1— Caliyah’s mommy (@loveli_tete) June 8, 2019 25. Black fathers are giving out some #HairLove. pic.twitter.com/q2BKczKdjf— AJ+ (@ajplus) July 20, 2017 Scroll down to see some of the most positive images of Black fathers and their children that mainstream media many times will gloss over in favor of portraying white dads and their children as the golden standard of male parenting. Happy Fathers Day to all fathers who are positively involved and 100 percent engaged in their children’s lives. 27. I’m just dropping by to share with you guys that black men/fathers are magic too. I hope this finds your TL’s pic.twitter.com/WAtaH2OFo2— Mother (@nangi_noruka) February 18, 2017 20. Promoting our young Black fathers one post at a time! pic.twitter.com/VjSoRpELrC— EBONY MAGAZINE (@EBONYMag) August 3, 2018 10. @RodriquezKhaliq I thought you’d appreciate this. “Fathers walk their kids to school program! (Cleveland,Oh) My nephews are a part of this program walking their Kids to school. There are positive Black Men visible in the Black community & homes. pic.twitter.com/Bf1SuQCVcU— Randall Trevell (Music Is Life) (@Randydapsalmist) September 22, 2018 5. BLACK FATHERS MATTER @MurdaMurrr pic.twitter.com/GLpXIs1xvJ— hennywithmyKoke (@FlynnAlKapone) June 8, 2019 1. #ChangeTheNarrative !!! LOVE IT BRUH!!! #TeamDL #blackfathers #blackfathersmatter #love #family #fatherdaughter #Repost @niecynash1 with @get_repost・・・Help someone be great today! #rp @theblackmancan pic.twitter.com/t2pKhQ8u6p— DL Hughley (@RealDLHughley) March 29, 2019 28. Magic I tell you! Black fathers are Magic pic.twitter.com/ACySNY6E1S— Mother (@nangi_noruka) April 11, 2017 31. Black father Defying enduring stereotypes about black fatherhood. For instance, dads bathed, diapered, play or dressed their kids every day, compared with white fathers and Latino fathers, according to a report by the National Center for Health Statistics. pic.twitter.com/m1aWHEIhX0— Brother Tyrone X (@tyrone345345) July 1, 2018last_img read more