Kielce routine win over Kristianstad

The reigning EHF Champions League winners from Poland, Vive Tauron Kielce showed once again that they are ready to fight for the first place at Preliminary Round. After win in Belarus last week in the opener, Dujshebaev’s boys celebrated their come-back in own hall by routine 60 minutes against Swedish IFK Kristianstad 38:28 (18:15).Vive Tauron Kielce – IFK Kristianstad 38:28 (18:15)Vive Tauron: Ivić, Szmal – Walczak 1, Kus, Aguinagalde 5, Bielecki 7, Jachlewski 4, Strlek 1, Lijewski 4, Jurkiewicz 2, Paczkowski 7, Zorman 1, Bombac 1, Djukić 5.Kristianstad: Simić, Larsson L. – Lipovac 1, Arnarsson 3, Henningsson 6, Sorensen 3, Moen Nielsen 3, Lagergren 3, Larsson J., Hallen, Tollbring 5, Jonsson 1, Tatarincew 3, Hanisch, Moberg Andresson, Schuster.STANDINGS: 2. HC Vardar220059:50(9)4 6. HC Prvo plinarsko drustvo …200252:56(-4)0 EHF Champions LeagueVive Tauron Kielce 4. Rhein-Neckar Löwen211059:58(1)3 5. RK Celje Pivovarna Lasko210160:59(1)2 3. MOL-Pick Szeged211054:52(2)3 ← Previous Story Marko Krsmancic to Besiktas MOGAZ Next Story → Barca beat Kiel in “old-derby” – Veszprem’s tough job with Kadetten 7. HC Meshkov Brest200251:60(-9)0 8. IFK Kristianstad200251:66(-15)0 1. KS Vive Tauron Kielce220067:52(15)4 read more

Mozilla CEO says Google is a frenemy

first_imgTHE CEO OF Mozilla, which runs not-for-profit internet browser Firefox, has said that his company and Google are ‘frenemies’.Gary Kovacs confirmed that a major part of Mozilla’s revenue comes from a deal with Google, whose browser is Chrome. Google pays to have ‘Google search’ the default search engine in the Firefox search bar. Kovacs wouldn’t specify how much the deal was worth but didn’t protest when the figure of $300m a year was put to him at the Dublin Web Summit yesterday.He said that every time Google achieves a financial transaction through a referral from Firefox, Mozilla gets a commission. Google, however, along with Internet Explorer, are the major rival to Firefox in the browser business. Kovacs conceded:We are in a frenemy situation with Google.He denied that it was dangerous to rely on an economic model where their rival was supplying much of their income.“It would be dangerous if there wasn’t a value in what we are doing,” he said.The Mozilla Manifesto declares that it aims to promote “openness, innovation and opportunity” to make the internet a community project working for the public good.Kovacs said that the organisation was now investing in new projects that reflect people’s use of the internet moving from desktop devices to mobile. “The web is under threat,” he says as certain companies begin to lock down the operating systems (OS) people use on their phones.We are being asked where we want to live our online lives.Mozilla is launching its own OS, first in South America and some Eastern European countries, with a view to keeping the web “unlocked” on mobile phones. It will be launched first in Brazil in the first half of next year but won’t be in Western Europe for some time. Mozilla is also partnering with some hardware companies and says that their aim is to continue to promote a “pure HTML environment so anyone can participate”.HTML, said Kovacs, is the open-source “language of the web” and he feels that Mozilla’s push for HTML5 compliance has forced the hand of their competitors. He also said he didn’t believe that either Chrome or Firefox was “winning” the competition in browser choice but that they were neck-and-neck.“Chrome doesn’t have to lose for us to win, as long as we retain share enough of the market to continue to have influence,” he said.Kovacs also revealed that Mozilla will build a social brower – “we see integration with what we call the social API” – and claimed they will be “leading the way with another big company”, launching in beta form in the next two days.Read more news from the 2012 Dublin Web Summit here>last_img read more

Alice Munro declines Nobel awards invite due to poor health

first_imgAUTHOR ALICE MUNRO will not be travelling to Stockholm to pick up her Nobel Prize.The 82-year-old Canadian native can’t make the journey due to poor health, the Academy secretary said today.It is not known yet who will represent her at the awards ceremony, which will take place on 10 December.When Munro was named the winner of the prestigious award earlier this month, the official Twitter page for the Nobel Prize said that they had been trying to get hold of her by phone, but hadn’t succeeded.In the end, they left her a phone message.The writer – whose body of work is chiefly made up of short stories – is due to collect a prize of US $1.2 million from the Swedish Academy.A story by Munro from 1999 is printed in this week’s New Yorker – and is also available to read on its website. – Additional reporting Associated PressRead: Canadian Alice Munro wins Nobel Prize, doesn’t answer her phone>last_img read more

Family of missing man asks public if theyve seen his car

first_imgPlease like and share this to your Facebook profile as we are desperately worried about his safety.When last seen, James was wearing a blue shirt, possibly a black jacket and green trousers.Anyone with information should contact Gaillimh Garda station on 091 538000, the Garda Confidential Line on 1800 666111 or any Garda station.Gardai seek information on missing man James Ryan> THE FAMILY OF 39-year-old James Ryan have asked people to keep an eye out for his Nissan Almera car.A new photomontage was released today to remind the public of the make and model of car that James was driving when last seen in Claregalway last Tuesday.It is a gold Nissan Almera hatchback with the registration number 04W382: James is 5ft 10ins tall, and was last seen at a petrol station in Claregalway, Co Galway at around 7.30pm on Tuesday, 22 October. He was last seen driving out of the station in his car.There is a small possibility – “but only a possibility,” says his family – that James returned to his native county of Waterford. The Ryan family told read more

Appeal for witnesses after woman in her 80s seriously hurt in car

first_imgGARDAÍ HAVE ISSUED an appeal for information, after an 81-year-old woman was knocked down and seriously injured in a crash in Castlebar, Co Mayo.It happened at around 1.30pm this afternoon at Pontoon Road. She was rushed to nearby Mayo General Hospital, and is continuing to receive treatment tonight.The road was closed for a time as forensic tests were carried out at the scene.Anyone with information is being asked to contact Castlebar Garda Station  on 094 903 8200 or the Garda Confidential Line at 1800 666 111.Read: Travel warnings issued, ferries cancelled as ‘vigorous’ storm set to pass overnightlast_img read more

9 gadgets that seemed incredibly hightech in the 1990s

first_imgREMEMBER WHEN YOU first got your sticky paws on treasured bits of shiny new technology?Before the digital age we live in now, getting any new piece of slightly baffling gadgetry was exciting. It felt like The Future. Of course, looking back, we can see that the 90s weren’t really a golden era for personal tech items.Plus, if the 90s was only a few years ago (as we’re sure it must be) then how come all this stuff looks so … old?1. BeepersImagine trying to explain beepers (or pagers, as they were also known) to a young teenager today. They wouldn’t believe people actually paid money for these things. Source: Hades2k2. TalkboyWho can forget the ads for Talkboys? They were essentially a crude cassette-based dictaphone, but with the added credibility of once having being held by Macauley Culkin. Which was good enough for us, evidently. Source: Chris Garrison3. WAPRiddle me this: Did anyone actually ever complete a function on their phone using the WAP connection or was it all just an urban myth? Source: avlxyz Source: barnoid4. DiscmansWe all remember the Discman. But do we all remember the Discman’s clunky, annoying wingman? Yes, that’s right. The flip-through, not-quite-pocket-size CD album. Unless you wanted to listen to the same CD all day, it was a necessary evil.Yep, cool accessory. Especially when someone spots your copy of Garth Brooks’ Greatest Hits nestling among the other CDs. Source: mpolla5. The PlayStationWhen it was released, the PlayStation seemed to blow its predecessors right out of the water in terms of games and graphics. For those reared on Commodores or Atari – or even the whipper-snappers whose first video game memory is the Sega MegaDrive – the PlayStation seemed like a whole new world. Source: MeganMorris6. TeletextRemember when the only way to tell what would be on telly next was clicking 180 on the Teletext? Simpler times, my friends. Simpler times. Source: davepattern7. Digital camerasWe thought we were the business. In retrospect, our digital cameras were incredibly poor quality photographs laboured with time stamps, and only held about 10 of them to boot. But at the time, whipping out your massive silver digital camera made family gatherings and holidays all the sweeter.And HandyCams, remember HandyCams? A means for your mortifying dancing at your uncle’s wedding to be captured in video for all of time. Source: Runs With Scissors8. Dial-upSome staffers at can still do an incredibly impressive impersonation of the dial-up noise. When you got your CD to activate the internet on your PC with its massive grey monitor and finally got the blinking modem working, this sound was sweet music to the ears. Sure, we were next level stuff, logging out to our e-mail accounts and finally figuring out what a “blog” was. Source: The3hreeBetches9. Mini discsOfficially deemed obsolete by Sony. Hear that? That’s your YOUTH they’re calling obsolete. Source: RaeAllenWhat was your favourite bit of kit in the 90s? Do you still have it knocking around at home? Let us know in the comments.Read: 13 technological feelings you’ll never feel again>Read: 21 things you’ll remember from secondary school>last_img read more

Have you seen Dublin Buss new mascot

first_img Source: Dublin BusDublin Bus are encouraging bus users to create “their own personal Hot Stops” across the network. You’ll then be able to upload a photo or video onto Noel’s Network Map “with an accompanying story outlining why this stop is ‘Hot’”.And there’ll be prizes! You could win a smartphone – at least, that’s what Noel is promising over on Facebook.More: If you live in Dublin you’re one of the least romantic people in Ireland>Here’s what really happens when you ignore an Irish ‘chugger’> Source: InstagramThere is a dedicated page on the Dublin Bus website for the six-week campaign, including an interactive map…… with designated points where Noel will share stories on his favourite bus stops- ‘Noel’s Hot Stops’.In case you were wondering, yes, Noel has a Dublin accent: He’s already got his own Facebook. There’s also an Instagram account where he reveals his full name and background – Noel Anthony Kinsella – and posts ‘Noelfies’.(That’s a Noel selfie, obvs.)center_img Source: FacebookMEET NETWORK NOEL.He’s Dublin Bus’s new mascot. As the official press release says: “First there was Tony the Tiger, then there was Fido Dido and now there’s Network Noel.”Noel is a football on a stick, but he’s not letting that stop him. He’s here to help customers get to know the Dublin Bus route network.Noel wants to interact with customers and will be the face of a campaign to encourage greater interaction between Dublin Bus and its customers.last_img read more

Revenues property tax calculator adding to distress of homeowners

first_imgTHE REVENUE WEBSITE which shows property values around Ireland is adding to the distress of homeowners who are already in difficulty, Fianna Fáil’s Seanad Leader and Spokesperson on Finance Darragh O’Brien has said.“The confusion created by glaring discrepancies on the property tax website is just adding to people’s exasperation,” he said.His criticism comes as launches its own property tax calculator, which allows users to state the number of bedrooms and bathrooms their property has, as well as whether it has a garden or economist Ronan Lyons said that many other factors still remain which can impact on property value, “such as its age, the size in square metres of the floor area and the site” is part of the Distilled Media Group. Journal Media Ltd has shareholders – Brian and Eamonn Fallon – in common with Distilled Media Group.Read: Revenue website showing property values goes live >last_img read more

11 pictures of Enda Kenny having a great time in America

first_imgTHE TAOISEACH’S TRADITIONAL St Patrick’s week visit to the United States may have been dogged by more controversy this time around than in previous years, but they were plenty of happy moments judging from the pictures.Enda Kenny was in New York, Boston and Washington DC this year, meeting the great and the good including President Barack Obama in the Oval Office.Shamrock, green ties and other green things were in abundance.Here’s a few photos from photographers Marty Katz and James Higgins that are on the excellent Flickr:last_img read more

Polls open in MidUlster to fill seat vacated by Martin McGuinness

first_imgTHE POLLS HAVE opened in the by-election being held for the seat in the British House of Commons that was vacated by the deputy first minister of Northern Ireland, Martin McGuinness, last year.McGuinness resigned the Mid-Ulster seat last December in line with Sinn Féin’s commitment to end the practice of “double jobbing” where its representatives hold seats in both the Northern Assembly and the House of Commons in Westminster.He had held the seat – but abided by the Sinn Féin policy of abstention from Westminster – since 1997 with four candidates now vying to replace him including his party colleague Francie Molloy.The other candidates are the Social Democratic and Labour Party (SDLP)’s Patsy McGlone, the Unionist Nigel Lutton and Eric Bullick of the Alliance Party.Polls stay open until 10pm tonight after which counting will get under way with a result expected in the early hours of Friday morning.Read: Martin McGuinness appointed Steward and Bailiff of the Manor of Northsteadlast_img read more

Could your soft drink habit give you diabetes

first_imgDO YOU DRINK a can – or more – of soft drink a day?If so, you could be shocked to hear that your daily soft drink habit could be bad for your health.Imperial College London reports that a new study published in Diabetologia, led by Dr Dora Romaguera at Imperial College London and researchers from the InterAct consortium, shows that your risk of contracting diabetes could rise according to how many soft drinks you consume.The researchers looked at people’s consumption of juices, sugar-sweetened soft drinks and artificially sweetened soft drinks – and found that each 336ml sugar-sweetened soft drink, which is roughly the equivalent to one can, increases the risk of type 2 diabetes.People who drank more soft drinks that were artificially-sweetened were also at risk of type 2 diabetes.However, drinking pure fruit juice, or diluted juices, wasn’t associated with diabetes risk.Read: Gum disease sufferers at risk of diabetes and heart disease>Read: Ireland ‘not immune to global epidemic of obesity and diabetes’>last_img read more

OConnell named captain with Lions set to roar into action

first_imgHot and heavy: Lions get back to business with training in humid Hong Kong Lions XV v Barbarians: Hogg, Cuthbert, Davies, Roberts, Maitland, Farrell, Phillips, Vunipola, Hibbard, A Jones, Gray, O’Connell (c), Lydiate, Tuperic, Faletau.Replacements: T.Youngs, Healy, Stevens, Wyn Jones, Heaslip, Murray, Sexton, North. Barbarians XV: J Payne, J Rokocoko, E Daly, C Laulala, T Ngwenya, N Evans, D Yachvili: P James, S Brits, M Castrogiovanni, M Wentzel, D Mumm, S Manoa, S Jones, S Parisse.Replacements: L Ghiraldini, D Jones,  J Hamilton, I Harinordoquy,  A Lo Cicero, K Fotuali’i, J Hook, M Tindall.center_img MUNSTER AND IRELAND lock Paul O’Connell will captain the British and Irish Lions in the first match of their tour this Saturday.The Lions are in Hong Kong to play the Barbarians before taking off for the second leg of their journey to Australia which will take them to Perth.Yesterday, the BaaBaas included Ulster’s Jared Payne and Munster’s Casey Laulala in their back-line for the game which kicks off at noon (Irish time) on Saturday.With 15 players still on duty with province or club duty last week, Warren Gatland’s options where somewhat restricted. Yet it remains a line-up worthy of being labelled among the best in Britain and Ireland.Tour captain Sam Warburton misses the clash with a knee injury, but an all-Welsh back-row remains thanks to the presence of Dan Lydiate, Toby Faletau and Justin Tipuric.Ahead of them, O’Connell is partnered by Richie Gray in one of the most keenly contested positions for this fixture. They pack down behind Adam Jones, Richard Hibbard and Mako Vunipola.last_img read more

The economy grew by 27 in the first three months of the

first_imgGROSS DOMESTIC PRODUCT increased by 2.7% during the first quarter of 2014, new data from the Central Statistics Office show.Overall GDP for the quarter stood at €44.85 billion.Gross National Product (GNP), which measures the output of the domestic economy, also grew by half a per cent to €38 billion.Net exports, which performed poorly in the last set of quarterly figures, made a positive contribution of €541 million in volume terms. When compared with the same period last year, net exports grew by €1.2 billion.2013 revisionThe new figures take account for the first time of the impact on the economy of illegal activity such as drug dealing and prostitution, as well as spending on research and development.The CSO also revised its assessment of how the economy did last year, pencilling in a 0.2% expansion instead of the 0.3% contraction that had originally been booked.The inclusion of R&D spend, and to a lesser extent illegal activities, seems to have been a major contributory factor towards the reversal of the final figures for 2013.R&D spend came in at 4.1% of the revised GDP total of €174.8 billion, or €7.16 billion. The total for illegal activity was 0.72%, or €1.25 billion.No breakdown of the value of illegal activity to the economy in Q1 2014 was provided, although it is thought to be running at around the same level as last year. A final figure for this year will be made available in full year figures released in 2015.Big gains were made in the building and construction sectors, which grew by 2.8% in the first quarter.Spending by the Irish consumer continues lag behind the rest of the economy. It declined by 0.1% in the quarter, with growth of 0.2% when compared to the same period in 2013.This will come as a surprise to some analysts who had been predicting a pickup in consumer spending, driven mainly by car purchases.Updated 12.18Read: The exchequer tax take is €500 million ahead of target>Read: Drugs and prostitution will be used to measure Ireland’s GDP>last_img read more

Amazon gets into the movie business

first_imgAmazon is getting into the movie business. The retailer has created a new online business, Amazon Studios, with the goal of producing theatrical releases based on projects submitted online. Amazon Studios hopes to give as yet undiscovered filmmakers and screenwriters an opportunity to have one of their projects made into a theatrical feature film thanks to a first-look partnership with Warner Bros. Pictures.To encourage participation, Amazon will award a total of $2.7 million to top submissions. 2011 Annual Awards will include $100,000 for best script and $1 million to the best movie. Monthly awards will include $100,000 for best movie and $20,000 each for the two best scripts with the first monthly awards being announced near the end of February 2011. To be eligible for the annual awards, projects must be submitted before the end of the year. Monthly awards will begin with projects submitted by the end of January 2011.To participate, screenwriters and filmmakers can upload their projects to the Amazon Studios website. Uploaded movies must be full length (at least 70 minutes), but as Amazon puts it they don’t have to be theatrical-quality. Submitted projects will have an opportunity to be reviewed by film fans who will have the ability to upload alternate or revised versions of a project. For inspiration, Amazon Studios put together five test movie samples which can be accessed through the site’s Getting Started page.If a filmmaker or screenwriter is lucky enough to have their movie made into a Amazon Studios theatrical feature film they will receive a rights payment of $200,000 in addition to any annual or monthly award. If the movies goes on to make over $60 million they will receive a $400,000 bonus. If Warner Bros. Pictures does not decide to develop a project Amazon Studios does have the right to make a movie based on the project with another studio.Read more at Amazonlast_img read more

How to make your own TSA naked XRay scanner

first_imgIf you’ve let reality penetrate your bubble of solipsism at all over the past few weeks, you’re probably aware that there’s been quite a bit of controversy over the TSA’s roll-out of scanning machines capable of seeing underneath your clothes to airports around the country… and maybe you’ve even wondered whether or not your portly frame would be captured flatteringly by the same.A cute hacker named Jeri Ellsworth worried the same thing, so she built her own version of a TSA scanner simply by modifying a satellite dish antenna. Reversing the operation of some key components, she was able to modify the LNB three horn array so that it can penetrate a layer of even sheetrock to show what’s underneath. It’s not as good as a TSA machine, of course: the Feds spend upwards of $150,000 each on the machine, and due to the somewhat lackluster nature of the source parts, Ellsworth’s version of the machine brings in naked X-Ray pictures at a decidedly lower resolution than could be hoped, largely due to its use of a wider wave length.Still, I’m excited about this DIY project. What better way to welcome your friends and relatives into your home this holiday season than by bombarding them in radiation as they enter their door, then seeing what they look like naked on an attached monitor. If they refuse, point to the mistletoe on the lintel, and have yourself an invasive grope. After all, it’s ChrisTSAmas!Read more at Hack A Daylast_img read more

Need for Speed Hot Pursuit premium DLC canceled for PC gamers

first_imgCriterion and EA have made a lot of PC gamers angry today by announcing that all the premium DLC planned for Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit won’t be coming to PC. Console gamers will still be getting it, but PC gamers are being limited to updates that fix bugs.While that may save you spending more money on the game, if you’re actually enjoying playing and want more content you’re going to have to buy the console version. Criterion’s reason for deciding to do this doesn’t help matters. There’s no technical issue, no problem caused by distribution or licensing issues. No, the reason is quite simple (emphasis ours):Hey all, unfortunately we will not be releasing Need for Speed Hot Pursuit PDLC for the PC. While we are certainly committed to providing the best possible game experience and ongoing support for our PC community, (as you have already noted) we have a limited amount of resources that makes it so that we are unable to deliver new content to all platforms. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but on the positive side we do have more updates and content on the way for PC players–look for news very soon. In other words, Criterion believes focusing on console gamers is in its interests, which suggests they buy more premium content.What doesn’t add up is that Criterion is a part of EA, one of the largest developer/publishers in the world. Resources should not be an issue, again suggesting this is a decision based on potential revenue rather than a lack of resources. If that was the case then how did they get the PC game on the market in the first place?PC gamers who invested in the game are understandably not happy about this and have responded as such in the forums, as this post from user Paradise1993 demonstrates:What are these “limited resources”? You have these for PC but don’t have for the consoles? I thought you have saved all these resources to make a great PC game by not bringing out a PC demo! Guys, you are working for Electronic Arts, not for a small game company which nobody knows of! Although no premium DLC content may be coming to PC, Eurogamer rightly points out that we may eventually see an Ultimate collection released on PC much like EA did for Burnout Paradise.Read more at and the EA forumslast_img read more

Detroit Auto Show Top Tech Cars Chrysler 300

first_imgDETROIT – More driver assistance and infotainment technology make the reskinned 3011 Chrysler 300 an even more interesting part of the Chrysler line-up. Most important is the Safety Tec group that can include adaptive cruise control with collision warning, front and rear parking sonar, blind spot detection with rear cross path detection (when backing), and steerable xenon lighting. The UConnect Touch infotainment displays comprises a touchscreen radio with an 8.4-inch LCD and (some models) Garmin navigation. There’s a big center stack LCD screen, called UConnect Touch by Chrysler, on Chrysler 300 models, not just navigation-equipped cars. That makes it easier to control an iPod or satellite radio. UConnect Touch is what every car will have in 5-10 years; the automakers are just too cheap, or dumb, to realize it. Or they’ve realized it and their long lead times means you won’t see it for years to come. Remember that it took three years for the first automaker to add an iPod interface. The Chrysler 300 Safety Tec package is an expansion of what’s already offered on the 2010 Town & Country minivans. Ford has a couple years head start on two of features offered in Safety Tec: adaptive cruise control with collision warning, and blind spot detection with rear cross path detection (Ford calls it cross-traffic alert). Like Ford, unlike many European and Japanese automakers, this is safety priced so middle-class car buyers can be as safe as Wall Street investment bankers driving investment banker-priced luxury cars.  The car has been reskinned but, fear not: If you’re a fan of chrome, Chrysler hasn’t cut back there. Category:  Mainstream car with affordable tech Why it matters: The Safety Tec package expands here and remains cheap. A big LCD standard on non-navigation-equipped cars is where the industry is headed. Chrysler needs every big hit (Jeep Grand Cherokee) and moderate hit (2011 reskinning of the Chrysler 300) it can get after years as the weakest U.S. automaker. Gearlog mobile’s Top 2011 Detroit Auto Show Tech Cars: Mind-Boggling Hybrid Technology – Porsche 918 RSR Mainstream Hybrid Technology – Toyota Prius C World Car (That Americans Will Buy) – Ford C Class Affordable Sporty Car with Useful Technology – Hyundai Veloster Mainstream Car with Affordable Tech – Chrysler 300last_img read more

iPad 2 in Production Rumor

first_imgThe iPad 2 is real. We sort of new that already, right? That we’ve seen the countless rumors and confirmations, coupled with the fact that Apple likes to keeps its devices on a more or less yearly schedule, leads us to feel pretty confident that the thing is coming pretty soon.Hardware parts, leaked video, and stray sightings have been cropping up everywhere lately, including, memorably, ces and a recent launch for New Corps’s The Daily iPad newspaper. Also, that weird Elton John thing….AdChoices广告The latest word is that the upcoming version of the popular tablet has apparently just gone into production, according to the proverbial “people familiar with the matter,” says The Wall Street Journal.According to the paper, the iPad 2 will be thinner and later than its predecessor all will feature better graphics, more memory, and “at least one camera on the front of the device for features like video-conferencing.” No real revelations there. Oh well.last_img read more

Adobe Makes FlashToHTML5 Conversion Easy

first_imgWhile Adobe isn’t a big fan of the fact that the iPad doesn’t support its ubiquitous Flash video standard, the company still wants to play a part in getting content on Apple’s iOS platform. So it has just released a new online tool that makes converting Flash into the iPad-friendly HTML5 format a piece of cake.Content creators can still create videos in Flash for the millions of Web viewers who can actually view it, and then plug it into the Adobe tool, Wallaby, when they’re ready to bring the same content over to the iPad.Streaming sound, embedded text, and ActionScript, as well as some 3D effects, cannot be converted to HTML5 with the tool. However, all the basic features like layers, font embedding, scenes, images, and FrameSets are all easily converted from one format to the other.Adobe recommends using Wallaby with iOS version 4.2 or later to prevent stability issues.Via EweekAdChoices广告last_img read more

Windows 8 leaks lead to firings at Microsoft

first_imgIf you’ve seen images of the Windows 8 desktop, then you’ve also seen Microsoft’s not-at-all-subtle warning about sharing the digital goodies you’ve been fortunate enough to get your hands on early. With the number of leaked builds which have made the rounds going all the way back to the early stages of Windows 7 development, it certainly seemed reasonable to assume that eventually Microsoft would track down someone who had been leaking milestone builds ow Windows 8 to private FTPs and torrent sites.Now it appears as though that has finally happened. According to reports forum sites where the early builds have been linked and heavily discussed, two Microsoft employees have been fired as a result of their supposed involvement with the leaks. Those familiar with the situation have stated that one was based in Russia, while the other worked out of Microsoft’s headquarters in Redmond, Washington.Since Microsoft doesn’t comment on employee terminations, we’ll have to trust the underground enthusiasts on this one for now – but there’s no reason to think that Microsoft wouldn’t eventually catch up to members of its own internal crew who might be passing off confidential pre-release builds.Will the leaks stop? Probably not, with OEM partners having access to Windows 8 as well – and Microsoft having far less power to track and control those outside its own organization. Instead, it may only cause a slight slowdown while people explore the darkened corners of cyberspace looking for someone else who’s willing to upload an ISO file.More at WinRumorslast_img read more